How to freshen a dirty, yucky, totally nasty shower

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Freshen up your nasty shower with this awesome cleaning tip from The Bold Abode. Cleaning the bathroom is a big task, especially when you have glass shower doors. When you have a shower curtain, it doesn't seem to get as dirty, and when it does, it's pretty easy just to rinse it off, or get a new one after a few years of use. But your glass shower doors are prone to collecting all sorts of gunk, mainly hard water deposits and soap scum. Hard water can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if it's been sitting on the glass for a while. Hard water spots are created because of the minerals that are in the water. Hard water is filtered through lime deposits which create calcium and magnesium minerals in the water. When water is allowed to evaporate on surfaces, it leaves behind these minerals which harden and become very hard to remove. So the key is to use a cleaner that's going to work at breaking down the hard water deposits, so they're able to be cleaned away. Vinegar usually does a really great job of this because of it's acidic nature. The acids in the vinegar break down the calcium and magnesium if it's allowed to sit on the stains for a long time.

That's exactly what Gwen from The Bold Abode uses in her awesome cleaning tips. She makes a mixture of white distilled vinegar with some Mrs Meyer's cleaner. If you can't find Mrs Meyer's cleaner in a store in your area, you can order it online. This is a great all-purpose cleaning solution that will work for practically any cleaning job. Mrs Meyer's cleaning liquid is made with all natural essential oils which are all are biodegradable. Plus it's concentrated which makes it a great ingredient to add to other homemade cleaners you make like this glass shower door cleaner. Mrs Meyer's has a full line of household cleaning products you can check out on Amazon and order straight to your home. So to make this glass shower door cleaner, all you do is mix equal parts of vinegar and Mrs Meyer's cleaning solution into a spray bottle. You may want to use a glass spray bottle so that you don't get the chemicals from the plastic in your cleaning solution. When you have both ingredients in your bottle, just shake them up a little bit, and it's ready to use.

To clean your glass shower door using these cleaning tips from Gwen, just take your cleaner and spray the entire shower area, especially concentrating on the shower door. Make sure you get into all of the nooks and crannies of the track on the shower door where a lot of soap scum usually hides out. Let the cleaning solution sit on the surfaces for 2 hours or more. You could even let it sit overnight if you wanted a really deep clean. Then, go back to your shower and start scrubbing with a lightly abrasive scrub pad. You don't want anything that's too abrasive because it can end up scratching your shower and shower door. Once you've scrubbed until you can't scrub any more, give your shower area a rinse. This is made really easy if you have a telephone shower head that comes off the wall. But if you don't just use an empty container or a bowl to pour the water over the places that need a good rinse. If you find there are still areas that need more work, you can reapply the solution and do the process over again until you get your desired results.***

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