How to FINALLY Stop Ants in Your Kitchen

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Here is a great tutorial on How to FINALLY Stop Ants in Your Kitchen. Once these busy little guys find their way inside your house, there are thousands of them, marching in, working away, carrying food. Ants do such a great amount of good work outdoors, removing other annoying insects. They are Not welcome inside our homes though. It is not a very good idea to use chemicals inside the house, especially if you have a family and pets. So what can we do to rid our houses of these busy little insects? This is why its great to find some house cleaning tips and tricks like these ones from Snappy Pixels to try out. There are several safe, non toxic cleaners and natural methods you can learn how to use in your own home. You can first try using soapy water to wash your walls or counters and floors where the ants have been travelling. Ants follow each other as you may have observed and they leave a scent trail that the other ants behind them pick up on. So once you get rid of this scent trail, the ants will not know where to follow any more. To do this, simply place a teaspoon of a liquid dish soap into a spray bottle and wash your walls down and dry them well. You can also spray the ants directly when they go marching by as well which will stop them in their tracks. You can also add some citrus peels or rind oil to the water, and it will be even more potent and unpleasant for the ants to visit again. Clove oil is also great at keeping ants and other insects at bay too, so you could find some clove essential oil and try that out as well.

The other thing you can try out is to make a natural defense barrier. The barrier needs to be about a quarter of an inch thick, and there can be no breaks in the line. This barrier is if you have ants that are making their way into the house and are still on the outside. This does not do anything if they are already inside as this is not to kill them, but rather to set a line of defense to block them from coming in. You can several natural items effectively. Make a line of ground cinnamon, tumeric, red chili pepper, cayenne pepper, and powdered charcoal to make a boundary for the ants so that they will be repelled from your entrance way. And ants can be fairly industrious when they have found some food that they want to bring back to their colony, so stay persistent with any of these home remedies you try out. Also, try a few of them at a time that seem to go well together to double up on the effectiveness of them. These household cleaning tips from Snappy Pixels are way better than using all of the harsh chemical sprays that fill your home with a toxic scent.

Household cleaning tips are so easy to find on the internet these days, with great websites like Snappy Pixels, you can learn so many house cleaning tips and tricks that will help make your life a lot easier. Most of the household cleaning tips you will find on the internet presently make great use of non toxic cleaners since we are all learning how harmful chemicals can be for our health and wellbeing as well as harmful for the environment. So it is always great to use non toxic cleaners the majority of the time when you are cleaning your home. Snappy Pixels also has some other great DIY articles, funny articles, artistic articles and so much more fun and learning to be had when you visit their website.*

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