How to deep clean a refrigerator in 15 minutes

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Refrigerators are in use constantly, so it is difficult to clean them as frequently as other areas of your home. Luckily, Jessica, the author of Mom 4 Real lifestyle blog, shows how easy it is to clean your refrigerator. In fact, the entire cleaning process can be performed in fifteen minutes and will leave you with a sanitised refrigerator that is also very organised. This fridge cleaning process won’t require any special kitchen cleaner, either, but rather something you already have on hand in your kitchen. This method will be so easy that you can employ it whenever you stock up on groceries during the week and have a permanently beautiful fridge.

Jessica starts her cleaning process by removing everything from the refrigerator and sorting through them to decide what to keep and what to throw away. This will help get you organised and learn what ingredients you have so that you don’t duplicate them the next time you go shopping. In addition, you will be able to inspect the expiration dates on each product, so you know whether to throw them out or not. Once you get organised, you can get to cleaning the refrigerator before placing all your meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables and condiments inside. You can start by removing every part of the refrigerator that is removable so that they are easier to clean. Jessica uses a mixture of dish soap and very warm water to wipe down all the surfaces of the refrigerator so that it is sanitised and spotless. In most cases, dish liquid should be sufficient to cut through all grease and grime in your refrigerator, because it is designed to cleanse and cut through tough stains. It is also a reasonably safe product to use in your kitchen and won’t be harmful to you or your family.

For more difficult areas, you might want to employ a mixture of natural baking soda and water or vinegar for cleaning the refrigerator. Simply mix baking soda with enough water or vinegar to make a paste and apply to the difficult-to-clean area. The baking soda has an abrasive quality that can cut through heavy stains when allowed to sit for a few minutes. Once the mixture has sat on the area for ten or so minute, you can wipe it away until perfectly clean. More challenging areas may require the cleaning mixture to sit on longer before wiping away. Baking soda will also freshen the scent of the fridge and whiten surfaces that are meant to be white.

If you find you don’t have a lot of time to apply to cleaning your refrigerator, there are plenty of preventative measures to can make to ensure your fridge stays clean longer. One step would be not to overbuy food at one time so that your fridge isn’t so packed that you don’t know what is inside. This way, you will ensure your family is getting through what you buy and isn’t lingering or becoming mouldy over the long term. Another excellent step to take to limit cleaning would be to clean up spills as soon as they happen so that they don’t become built on the refrigerator surfaces. Once you have employed Jessica’s refrigerator cleaning tips, you will have a beautiful fridge all the time. Her cleaning method is even better because it uses non toxic cleaners, like dish soap, which is safe to be in contact with the food your family eats. Thank you to Jessica, the author of Mom 4 Real lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for cleaning a refrigerator in fifteen minutes. Check out her website for a full list of how-to photos and instructions.

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