How to deal with bed bugs when travelling

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Do you travel a lot? If so, you probably find yourself sleeping in different hotels and maybe even hostels which can come with some risks. Of course, there are other risks involved in travelling like getting ill, hurt or even robbed. We take precautions for all of these travel risks but what about the risks hiding in your accommodations like bed bug infestation? You may wake up in the morning to find that you are covered in bites from these bugs, or you might even spot one while you're moving your sheets around. Sometimes the bites are just mosquito bites, but lately, with more of a bed bug epidemic on our hand's people are finding more often than not, the bites are from these nighttime creepers. Laurence and Jessica of Finding the Universe share some great information with us on bed bugs and how to spot them and treat them. Apparently, bed bugs can live for a year without eating. They like warmer temperatures and tend to hibernate during the winter time in colder climates. So if you're travelling anywhere that's tropical beware of bed bugs.

Even if you find just one bed bug, there are always more to follow. One of the pregnant bed bugs can create a bed bug infestation in just a short while. The eggs hatch rather quickly as well, and the resulting bed bugs grow into adults in a matter of a week or two. They are attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide from our bodies, and that's what lures them to us in the middle of the night while we're fast asleep. They won't stick around in one room or home either. So when you're travelling, they can find their way into your luggage and clothes, and you'll bring them home with you and possibly start a new bed bug infestation in your own home or in another hotel or hostel you stay in. That's how this bed bug epidemic spread so far and wide. More people are travelling now than ever giving the bed bugs a perfect opportunity to spread out. To tell bed bug bites from other bug bites can be tricky. But the best way to tell them apart is that bed bugs feed in a straight line.

Also, don't be fooled that just because you're staying in a nice hotel that there won't be bed bugs. Bed bugs don't really care where they stay as long as there is blood to feast on. So that's why it's just as important to check a nice hotel as it is to check a rough around the edges hostel. To prevent a bed bug infestation from happening in your home, you need to check your hotel room before you even bring your belongings into it. Check the bed at any accommodation first paying close attention to the mattress seams and box spring. Then the bed frame, night stands, baseboards, outlets, and pretty much any nook and cranny you can see. If you have brought bed bugs home with you, you'll have to either call a bed bug removal company, or you will have to make sure that you kill all of the bugs as well as all of the eggs. While bed bug removal can be difficult, it's not impossible, and there are even some natural home remedies you can try out too. If the bed bug infestation is pretty severe, you must call the professionals in to help you. They have the necessary tools and protocol that will get rid of them for good. Check out more information on Finding The Universe.***

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