How to clean your windows super fast!

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You know it's time to clean your windows when you try to look outside, and everything is dingy and cloudy. It's important to be able to see out of your windows so you can appreciate the views surrounding you, so long as they are pleasant ones. Also, you want your windows to stay nice and clean so that the light can come in to warm your home and brighten it up. Dingy windows also just make your home feel dirty too, so that's why it's great to learn some cleaning tips that you can use to clean your windows efficiently and effectively. Organization Junkie says that it's best to clean your windows seasonally, meaning each season or yearly if they don't get too dirty between seasons. People usually think that cleaning windows is such a laborious task that requires so much physical labour and time. Or, people think that they have to hire a professional to clean them. If you have windows that are really high up in your home that would require a ladder to reach and you don't feel comfortable doing that yourself you should hire a professional. Otherwise, you can clean all lower windows yourself. These cleaning tips from Organization Junkie will help you learn how to clean your windows really fast with natural house cleaners you probably already have in your home. Using all-natural house cleaners instead of commercial cleaners that are filled with toxins is going to be better for you, your family and the environment too.

Plus, making your own window cleaner and other natural house cleaners will end up saving you so much money in the long run. Usually, the best natural house cleaners are white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and citric acid. There are others, but these are the ones that are most commonly used in households. The natural house cleaners you'll need for this cleaning tip will be white vinegar and dish soap. You can use whatever liquid dish soap you have on hand, but if you want to keep it all natural, use natural dish soap with no parabens or sulphates. There are so many different options for natural dish soaps these days too, and they work just as great as the regular ones. To make the window cleaner, all you do is combine some vinegar, dish soap and water in a clean spray bottle and shake it all up. You could also us a bit bucket instead if you liked so you could rinse out your cloth as needed.

To clean your windows, all you need to do is take your natural homemade window cleaner and spray your windows really well with it. If you're using a bucket of the solution, then get a cloth damp with the cleaner and spread it all over the window. Let it sit on the window for a few seconds to loosen any grime and then scrub with another cloth or a sponge and then spray the windows again with clean, warm water. If you're cleaning your windows outside you can just spray them with your hose and allow them to air dry. If you're washing indoor windows, you will then want to take a new, clean and dry cloth and dry off the windows really well and buff out any smudges. It's actually easier than you think to clean your windows, especially with great cleaning tips like these ones from Organization Junkie. You can also find more cleaning tips and organize tips on their website to learn how to clean and organize your home easily and affordably.***

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