How To Clean Your Dryer Vent Like A Pro

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Learn how to clean your dryer vent like a pro with this great tip from Frugally Blonde. It's always great to add more cleaning tips and tricks to your routine, it helps you to clean your house efficiently. Many people dread cleaning day in their house, but it doesn't have to be a total drag. When you learn cleaning tips like these ones, you make your cleaning ritual your own which makes it easier and more approachable. Making a list of your favourite cleaning tips or making a Pinterest filled with cleaning tips and tricks can really change the way you approach your home cleaning. Many people don't know how important it is to clean their dryer vent out every once in a while. Of course, people know to clean the lint trap by the door of the dryer before every load, but many people don't even bother to do this every time. The thing is, dryer lint can be flammable, and all of the dust and lint that gets trapped in the vent and the screen can catch fire if there is not enough ventilation and the dryer is running on a high, hot temperature. In fact, people actually use dryer lint as a way to start camp fires and fires in their fireplaces which shows you just how flammable it can be.

It can also cause other problems with your dryer, like the time it takes to dry your clothes will be extended. A load that would maybe take 40 minutes to dry is now taking over an hour to dry or more. This is because the air isn't able to carry the moisture outside since the vent is blocked by dust and lint. So instead of buying a new dryer, all you have to do is clean out the dryer vent, which is way more affordable than splurging on a brand new dryer. The other thing you could do is hire a professional to come out and do it for you.

Of course, this will cost you up to $100 or more for them to come out, so if you don't want to pay, just follow these simple steps from Frugally Blonde. You basically purchase a kit that is made especially for cleaning out the dryer vent, and you can get it through Amazon. The one that Julie from Frugally Blonde uses is the Dundas Jafine BPCK ProClean Dryer Lint Removal Kit. She provides a link to Amazon where you can purchase it online. You may also be able to find it in the same isle as the laundry detergent or the vacuum section of your hardware or department store.

You might be surprised to find out how much lint and dust comes out of the dryer vent behind your dryer and you will probably find that your dryer works like it's brand new again after you clean it out. Thank you to Julie for the complete tutorial and for all of the great cleaning tips she shares on her website, Frugally Blonde.***

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