How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows and More

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Window cleaning doesn't have to be difficult, especially with this great tutorial on How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows and More from the Ask Anna blog. Usually when you clean your windows you might bust out your window cleaner. But often you have to use a lot of window cleaner to clean the many windows in your house. Plus, window cleaner can be expensive and full of chemicals that aren't good for you or your family to breathe in, or for the environment. You could spend money on window cleaning services, but they can be even more pricy than doing it yourself. So it is great to find a way to clean your windows that is not only easy, but affordable and chemical free, which is what this tutorial will come in handy for. If you have very large windows that require ladders or even scaffolding, then it would be important to look for window cleaning services that have the right equipment and training to clean your windows properly and safely. But if you just have regular windows that you can easily reach on your own, then this tutorial for window cleaning will work just fine.

The best way to clean windows without chemicals is to use really hot water so that you don't get any streaks on your windows. Streaks are the worst as they obscure your vision and just look really gross. The hot water with a little bit of soap in it helps to lift any dirt and grease from hand prints and finger prints and also helps to leave the windows clear and sparkling clean. Anna uses a squeegee to get her windows clean. A squeegee is a tool that is used to swipe the water off of a surface so you don't have to use a ton of rags to wipe up the water. It usually consists of a handle and then a piece of rubber that is flexible and able to gather as much water as possible.

Squeegees can also be used in the shower to protect it from mold and mildew and calcium build up from the water sitting on the walls too long. We also use them on our car windows too. You can purchase a simple squeegee at any hardware store or even an auto supply store. Then all you need is a bucket filled with hot water and some dish soap in it, as well as some good absorbable cloths. Many people use paper towels but considering how many you would need to use, this could become quite wasteful.

Anna even shows us how to clean the tracks of the windows and the window ledges, as they can get really built up with grease, dirt and grime. Using some Q-tips should do the trick to get into those small crevices, and even an old toothbrush would work great to get out some of the dirt. She even shows exciting before and after photos to show you what a difference it makes to clean the window tracks, it looks like brand new windows.*

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