How to clean pee off furniture and carpets

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Anyone who has kids or pets will know that sometimes accidents happen, and because of that you will want always to be prepared with natural cleaning solutions that work. That is why you will want to know these natural cleaning solutions to help clean urine off carpets of furniture. Whether you’re dealing with kid urine or pet urine, this natural cleaner and simple life hack will save the day. The nice thing is that you can feel good about using this natural cleaning solution around your family and your pets. To start all it takes is to pour a heaping amount of salt all over the area affected by the urine. It's that easy. Then you want to let the salt sit for at least one or two hours. After the salt has had time to sit and soak up some of the urine, you will want to vacuum it up. If the affected area is still a bit wet underneath, you will want to pour some more salt onto the area and let it sit again. Repeat as many times as necessary until the area is dry. You can also try to soak up some of the urine with a soft cloth or towel beforehand, but you want to be sure that you are not pushing the urine more into the carpet or furniture.

Another way you can use salt as a simple life hack, and natural cleaner is to get sticky gunk off your iron. Turn your iron to the highest setting, and then sprinkle with a good amount of salt onto a piece of wax paper. Then move the hot iron over the wax paper with the salt, and watch the salt lift the gunk right off. This simple life hack is another of the best natural cleaning solutions and non-toxic cleaners that you will find. The natural cleaning solution uses salt and half of a grapefruit. Dip the cut grapefruit into some salt and then use as a natural cleaner n the kitchen and the bathroom. Then you take the half grapefruit dipped in salt and scrubbed away all that dirt and grime in the bathtub. What's left is a sparkling citrusy, clean bathtub that smells clean and fresh. There's nothing quite like the lovely smell of a fresh grapefruit. It's fresh and sweet and will have your bathroom feeling extra clean. And the good news is that it's also safe to use around your family and safe for the environment too. You can also use the grapefruit rind on more stubborn areas.

Another natural cleaner that uses salt is to help clear up a hair clog in the drain. Salt makes an effective natural Drano solution by mixing some baking soda and salt. You might also try to remove the hair that has gone done the drain with a wire hanger that you can get from your local dry cleaner. You might use this natural cleaner in place of Drano, which is known to be tough on your pipes, along with containing harmful ingredients. Start by removing as much of the hair from the drain as you can with your gloved hands, then pour the natural cleaner mixture down the clogged drain. Follow with some white vinegar, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then rinse everything down with a pot of boiling water.

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