How to clean odors and stains from your mattress

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Everyone has undoubtedly experienced stains on mattresses, but not everyone may know what to do when those occur. The process of how to clean mattress stains doesn’t have to be hard, though. Kristen, the author of Yellow Bliss Road lifestyle blog, has had challenges cleaning urine stains from her son’s mattress, and by trial and error figured out the perfect methods for getting rid of odours and stains caused by the urine. If you need to know the process of cleaning urine stains from a mattress or any other kind of stain, check out Kristen’s blog article for a full list of photos and instructions. You will be amazed by how her cleaning process involves just a few household ingredients that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

To start by cleaning stains from a mattress, Kristen recommends using vinegar, which will saturate the stains helping to remove them. Vinegar is a popular ingredient that figures into many household cleaning tips, because it is highly acidic and can kill many forms of bacteria effectively, without the use of chemical cleaning products. Since vinegar is something that we commonly use in our cooking, it is perfectly safe to come in contact with as well. Since the vinegar kills bacteria, it will also help limit the smells coming from the stains. The vinegar is placed on the mattress and allowed to sit for a few minutes to do its magic, before being blotted up by paper towels. The vinegar helps loosen the stains, while the paper towels help to lift them up through the excess moisture. The best kind of vinegar to use for the purpose would be one that is colourless, such as white distilled vinegar or cleaning vinegar. Anything else will likely stain your mattress further.

Another ingredient Kristen uses is natural baking soda, which is another popular component of natural home cleaning recipes.

Natural baking soda is excellent because it eliminates unappealing smells with little effort, which is one of the reasons why we often keep an open box in the refrigerator. Similarly, it will help eliminate smells coming from a urine-stained mattress without having to use anything toxic or store-bought sprays. If you have a particularly smelly drain in the kitchen sink, you can also spoon baking soda into the drain and allow to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with hot water. Baking soda is also effective at removing shoe odour if they are becoming overwhelming. Once you have used baking soda on a stained mattress, you will want to use it wherever is required to eliminate smells.

Once you have gone through Kristen’s cleaning instructions, you should have a stain-free and odourless mattress. If by chance the stains are still there, but partially eliminated, it may be a sign that you should try the process again or simply leave the vinegar soaking for a little longer than the initial time, especially if the stains were particularly tough, to begin with. Even if you don’t have stains on your mattress, the baking soda step will be excellent for refreshing your mattress once in awhile. Try using it once per season to make your bed smell fresh and clean. Also, these cleaning steps can go well beyond the mattress into the realm of carpets and upholstery if you have a lot of staining in those places from your pet’s urine. The vinegar will help pull the stains, while the baking soda will help eliminate the smells. Thank you to Kristen, the author of the Yellow Bliss Road lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for cleaning odours and stains from mattresses.

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