How to Clean Ice Cream from Carpet

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The thing about a spill is, it is always what we love most and have been looking forward to enjoying that seems to go down for the count. How many times do we see some little munchkin drop his or her double decker just in time for Fido to gobble it up and then we have to figure out how to clean ice cream from carpet? Perhaps that's why in our family we always buy food in family-size packs. That way, when things go down, there is always more to restore happiness and pleasure.

Carpets are such a joy to own and such a bane to have. They cost so much to install, and we want them to always look their best and last as long as possible. Then something gets spilled on it or one of our pets has an accident. We had friends whose hamster escaped from its cage. The only evidence they had for months that Hammy was still around was that the corners of every carpet in every room were chewed to pieces!

One spill that happens frequently around our house is ice cream. It is such a delicious and yummy treat that we serve it at lunch, dinner, for snacks, and of course, when friends' kids come to visit. Of course, little ones wandering around with dishes or cones full of the sweet stuff means melting cones dripping across the carpet or even major spills of the sweet sticky stuff. Either way, it takes a bit of time and effort to get that stuff out. And the worst of it is, you have to get every bit out or risk ants and other critters coming in to get their share of the sugar. Who needs that?

This website has a tried and true method to remove every bit of ice cream from your carpet even if it has taken you a bit of time to get to the job and the ice cream has started to try up. It only takes ordinary items you probably have around the house to get the job done. Here's a hint, though. Don't ever throw away your old toothbrushes. They are really handy for odd jobs around the house. Find out how clean up this spill and many others at the website, How To Clean Stuff.

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