How to clean burned on food from a saucepan

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If you have stainless steel pots and pans, you will inevitably have had the experience of staining or baked on food. Rather than spending a long time scrubbing over the sink, there are ways of removing the stains easily so that you can spend less time cleaning up after you are finished cooking. The website, 101 Cleaning Tips, came up with an easy, near hands-off cleaning method which uses a few household ingredients that are also non toxic cleaners. For those who hate spending tons of time cleaning in the kitchen after cooking a meal, especially when it involves scrubbing, this method will be a life saver. All you need are a few products, the pot and a stove, and you will be all set. This method will be so easy that anyone can do it. The pot can be left to simmer on the stove while you get your other dinner dishes washed.

The first step to cleaning a stained saucepan is to combine water and vinegar in it and bring it to a boil. Vinegar is a favourite household cleaning product because it is perfectly safe to use and can sanitize surfaces substantially well. The vinegar scent may be off-putting, but it will be one of the best products to use for when you need to know how to remove spots from your stained pots or pans. Another important ingredient in this recipe is natural baking soda, which is another common natural cleaner because it can remove stains and freshen scents in the home. Baking soda is often used in baking or for freshening the scent of the fridge, but it has many other purposes. In the case of this cleaning solution, the baking soda has a chemical reaction with the warm liquids and starts to foam. The foaming action helps loosen the stains from the pot, making them easy to scrub away without much effort. Classically, baking soda and water are combined to lift stains from upholstery or carpet. These form a paste and help lift up stains from fabrics like a dream. In this instance, vinegar could be as effective but generally isn’t used because of the smell. In the case of cleaning stained pots, the vinegar is a great addition, and the scent will dispel quickly after use.

Once you have tried using this cleaning method on saucepans, you will want to try it on everything in your kitchen. If you have an oven dish that is safe to put on the stovetop, you can follow these instructions exactly to get it looking like new. If the baking pan or dish isn’t safe for the stove, you can still use this cleaning mixture in the oven instead. Simply start by filling the oven dish with boiling water to get it going, and set it in the oven to simmer. The process might take longer than on the stove, but soon, you will have a gleaming dish once again without much effort or scrubbing.

The website, 101 Cleaning Tips lifestyle website, proves that the process of how to remove stains from stainless steel pots doesn’t have to be complicated. You won’t have to buy anything special to get the job done, they are affordable products and work without much of a challenge to you. Moreover, they are safe for animals and humans, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone coming in contact with harmful chemicals. Your pots, pans and oven dishes will stay in good shape for longer, saving you money in the long run. Thank you to 101 Cleaning Tips website for sharing their instructions for cleaning burnt on food from saucepans with us.

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