How to Clean between Oven Glass WITHOUT taking off the door!

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You might be a pro at cleaning your oven, but have you ever wondered how to clean in between the glass without having to take the door apart? You have probably noticed some gross drips and splatters on the inside of the glass on your oven door, but they are impossible to clean. You may have even thought about taking your oven door apart to get the glass nice and clean on the inside, but that would be so much work. The good news is, you can actually clean the glass fairly easily without doing any dismantling whatsoever. Anna from Ask Anna shares her cleaning tips and simple life hacks for all sorts of cleaning jobs around the house, including a dirty oven. All you'll need for this simple life hack is a wire hanger, some Clorox Glass Wipes and a rubber band. First of all, you need to remove the drawer from your oven so you can access the bottom of the door easily. Then, you can create your very own oven door glass cleaning tool. Take your wire hanger and straighten it out. Once it's straight enough, then attach one of the cleaning wipes to the hook part on the end of the hanger and secure it in place with a rubber band.

You can also use a thin cloth sprayed with your favourite cleaning spray as well. That way you can just wash and reuse the cloth instead of throwing it away. Once you have your handy tool, lay down on your kitchen floor and look up under the door on the oven and you'll see that there is a little space between the door and the glass. Anna shows a photo of what it looks like so you can get an idea. Once you see the space, simply slide your new cleaning tool up into the space and push it around to clean the glass well. You can pull it out of the slot and replace the cloth when it gets too dirty and then push it back up again to clean some more. Keep on doing this until your glass is completely clean and you are happy with the results. Now you know now to clean your oven door glass when it gets really dirty again, and you've uncovered the mystery of how to get in between the glass once and for all.

You can also learn how to clean the inside of your oven effortlessly and naturally too. So if you don't already have a good cleaning method for cleaning the inside of your oven, try this out. All you need for this cleaning tip is some baking soda and vinegar. You can also add in some essential oils if you like to give your oven a nice fresh scent. Simply mix together some baking soda and a bit of water until you create a paste and then add in a few drops of your favourite essential oil to clean with. Orange or lemon is always great for cleaning. Next, you're going to take this paste and completely cover the inside of your oven in it. Then, close the door and leave it sit overnight. In the morning, take some white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle and then spray the inside of your oven with the vinegar. You'll see that the combination of the two ingredients starts to fizz up, so just let this happen for a little while. Then, take your scrubbing pad and start to scrub. The gunk and grime should come off very easily and effortlessly. Try out these cleaning tips and simple life hacks for an easier way to clean your kitchen.***

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