How to clean and polish a stainless steel sink

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Your kitchen sink is one place that can often get forgotten when it comes to your list of regular cleaning projects. But between dirty pots and pans and dishes, the kitchen sink is a place that can get real dirty. But with a few ingredients, you can get your stainless steel sink looking like new again. However, with just a few ingredients that you might already have around the house, you can easily clean, and your stainless steel sink.

To clean your stainless steel sink sprinkle some baking soda around the sink and add some warm water to form a paste. Then use a scrubbing sponge and an old toothbrush to help clean the entire sink. If you have stains in your kitchen sink, you also can apply a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide to the sink stains. After the natural cleaner and paste have dried, then wipe it off with a soft wet cloth. You can also use white vinegar to help remove any rust or water spots. Make sure your kitchen sink is as clean and dry as you can get it before you move on to the next natural cleaner steps. To polish your kitchen sink sprinkle in a tablespoon of some flour in your dry kitchen sink and use a cleaning cloth to polish the stainless steel. To rinse and dry the sink and get it shiny, use a few drops of baby oil or olive oil on a cleaning cloth to get the sink shiny clean.

Baking soda works great as a DIY idea and natural cleaner for your sink cleaner, but you can also use it for other cleaning projects. For garbage disposals, pour in half a cup of baking soda down the sink drain, then a cup of white vinegar. Then boil a kettle of water, and pour the boiling water down the drain. Add about two cups of ice and one cup of rock salt to the kitchen drain. Turn on the garbage disposal until it goes down. Take a lemon or a lime, cut it in half, and send each citrus half down the garbage disposal. Use soapy water and white vinegar soaked paper towels to clean the faucet, too.

And another diy idea that uses baking soda as a natural cleaner is for a deep cleaning natural cleaner that works on any bathroom surface. This natural cleaner cuts through soap scum and mildew just as good as any commercial bathroom product and costs just pennies. The good news is that it uses natural ingredients that are safe to use around your family and safe for the environment too. The ingredients for this natural cleaner and DIY idea include 1 2/3 cups baking soda, 1/2 cup of liquid dish soap, 1/2 cup water, two tablespoons white vinegar and mix in a clean 16-ounce squeeze bottle with a closing cap. To make this natural cleaner start by mixing baking soda and liquid dish soap in a bowl. Then dilute with some water and add the white vinegar. Stir the mixture with a fork until all the lumps have been dissolved. Then pour the natural cleaner liquid into the squeeze bottle. Shake well before using. To use simply squirt on the area that needs to be cleaned. Then scrub with a nylon-backed sponge, and rinse clean with water. Make sure to keep the cap on this natural cleaner in between uses, so it doesn't dry out. You will find these sink cleaner tips in the Centsable Momma site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, natural cleaners, money saving tips, coupons, holiday ideas and more. **

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