How to Clean an Iron

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In a perfect world the dishes would always be washed, the floor swept and the iron clean. Have you ever gone to iron a nice crisp white shirt when you notice that the bottom of your iron may pose a dangerous threat to the whiteness? When this happens to me I will go to another room, find a clean pillowcase and then put that on top of the shirt before I iron. This technique works okay, but the shirt is never quite as beautifully pressed.

There are different methods you can use to clean your iron, but first let us understand a few key things about the iron. There are several working parts to an iron (soleplate, thermostat, water tank, housing and handle, to name a few). Not all of these working parts need to be cleaned in the same way. The part that you will probably want to clean the best is the sole plate. The sole plate is the flat part that gets hots and presses the clothes flat. Since the early 90's the sole plate of many brands of irons has been coated with a non stick material.

One common and simple method for cleaning the sole plate is using coarse salt. For this basic technique, you will need a paper or cotton towel. This towel will get dirty, so choose one that you can handle a bit of grime on. Place this towel on to your ironing board. Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon of salt onto the towel. Plug in the iron and turn it onto high heat without steam. If you use steam or liquid the salt will also get wet, which does not work as well. Iron the salt gently and watch how the dirt from the iron starts to stick onto the towel. This should only take a few minutes to achieve good results.

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