How to clean a ridiculously gross and dirty sidewalk

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Life can get busy, and taking care of a house can be a lot of work. What with work, pets, family and all, it's not always easy to make time enough to clean. And that's just the interior of the house, it's not until summer rolls around and you realize just how much work needs to be done to the exterior of your home. Take the concrete walkways for instance; you might not even realize just how dirty they are until you actually clean them. You may have seen the stains and thought that you should do something about them, but you may not even realize just how dirty the outdoor concrete can get. The good news is that there are products out there that will help get the job done. For this house cleaning tip and diy idea, some concrete sidewalk cleaner was used in the form of Thompson’s Oxy Foaming Action. To use this product you will need a tank sprayer, a large scrub brush, and a water hose. To start using this stain removal product you will want to give your sidewalk a light scrubbing with the scrub brush to help remove any loose dirt or grass and loosen up any stuck on dirt from the concrete. Then you don’t want your sidewalk to be soaking wet, only a bit wet when you apply the stain removal product. Let your sidewalk dry a bit and mix up the stain removal product. The concrete cleaner must be used within an hour of mixing it, so you don't want to mix it until just before you are ready to use it. For the full step by step for this concrete house cleaning tip and DIY idea, you will want to take a look at the Rain on a Tin Roof site.

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy and clean home environment takes a lot of effort and consistency. Often, the outdoor patio suffers most from all sorts of family activity.

White vinegar for concrete house cleaning tips. If you are a green enthusiast when it comes to your house cleaning tips and tricks, you most likely know that white vinegar takes a top position in the cleaning ingredients cabinet. White vinegar has acid qualities that help dissolve even the most difficult dirt. To create a basic diy idea for concrete cleaning, you will need some distilled white vinegar, some water, and a spray bottle. And depending on how strong you want your cleaning solution, you can add more or less water if you like. If you want a strong stain removal product, then use only white vinegar. Then spray the solution over the concrete surface and wait for about 20 minutes, then scrub it with a scrub brush. Finish by mopping the concrete area. This natural ingredient will not only get rid of the spots, but it will also effectively kill the weeds in between the patio stones. Eliminate the smell of white vinegar by adding about 20 to 50 drops of essential oil.

Baking soda is another stain removal product and house cleaning tip for cleaning concrete. Unlike white vinegar, baking soda is alkaline. Its gentle abrasive structure is suitable for the rough surfaces of the concrete patio. You can either apply the natural baking over the stained area, or you can use the baking soda in a mixture. The first option is to create vinegar and soda pasta. Mix the two natural ingredients until the cleaning solution becomes consistent. Then you should apply the natural cleaning solution over the stained section and clean it with a brush.

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