How to Clean a Microwave 101

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Have you ever wondered if you could magically land a natural cleaning product that’s cheap and easy for cleaning your microwave? Well, now you can. This tutorial on How to Clean a Microwave 101 will become your ideal cleaning routine. The next time you think of cleaning your microwave, think essential oils. It takes less than 5 minutes to clean your microwave using these natural cleaners using essential oils. Not only do essential oils eliminate the unwanted odors from your house but are also safe to use. Your kitchen is going to smell wonderful with all the natural scents of the essential oils in no time. Since essential oils are concentrated extracts, they have the ability to break the grime and make it work just like any store-bought cleaning product without the harmful chemicals. Just be careful not to spill the essential oil mixture when it’s hot. Make sure the kids and pets are not hovering around you only because the cleaning mixture can be still hot while cleaning. Occasionally, you can also add slices of lemon into this essential oil mixture as lemon is a natural cleaning agent.

Make sure to watch this step by step tutorial closely on How to Clean Microwave. This microwave cleaning tutorial will have your microwave looking like new in no time. Essential oils are multi-purpose and make great recipes for natural cleaning products. Using safe homemade cleaning products like essential oils make domestic cleaning a much safer environment especially when you have kids or pets around. We all end up having microwave accidents from time to time especially if you don’t cover the top. The mess could splash all over your microwave and ruin the walls and ceiling making your cleaning efforts go to waste. The worst part is when you don’t wipe the liquid right away; it could dry up and turn into crusty surface making it stubborn for cleaning it after. Using safe homemade cleaning products is a great way of avoiding chemical agents that are harmful for so many reasons. You should never use chemicals to clean microwave because the traces of those chemicals may come in contact with your food. You can use any type of cleaning cloth or kitchen towels with this mixture and scrub the grime away. While you’re cleaning the microwave you may wish to either hand clean the microwave turn table or just place it in the dishwasher.

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