How to Clean a Microfiber Couch Plus How to Remove Pen and Marker

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If you have a microfiber couch, you know both how cozy it is and also how difficult it is to clean. Like other sofa styles, microfiber seems to hang on to stains easily, and pen or marker shows up very well. Luckily for you, the challenges of cleaning microfiber couches will be eased by following the instructions from Living Well Mom lifestyle blog. Like you, Erika, the author of Living Well Mom, has had challenges cleaning her couch. She found that the stains on the microfiber couch were amplified compared with other styles of couches and that having a young family caused plenty of unsightly stains to appear on her sofa. By using her sofa cleaning tips, you will be able to preserve the appearance of your microfiber sofa for years to come.

Erika’s method of cleaning a microfiber couch includes one common household product, rubbing alcohol. The acidity of the rubbing alcohol can remove stains easily, similar to how it removes nail polish from fingernails. This fact makes it both an unexpected and perfect sofa cleaner, and the only product you will ever need despite the number of stain removal products out there. Other items you will need are a white cloth, spray bottle and scrub brush. These sofa fabric cleaning products will help remove the stains easily while also returning the microfiber appearance of the couch to looking like new. Using a spray bottle ensures that you don’t add too much of the couch fabric cleaner, rubbing alcohol, to the surface, which can make the fabric overly wet. Using a white cloth rather than a paper towel to scrub out the stains means you won’t be leaving small unsightly bits behind. The reason the cloth should be white for cleaning the sofa is that a colored cloth may transfer color onto the sofa. The scrub brush will comb the microfiber material out so that it is smooth like it was when it was new, which is ideal because the fabric can become matted when the alcohol is applied.

If you have stains on other fabric in your home, consider trying rubbing alcohol as well. As far as household cleaning tips go, rubbing alcohol is underused and underappreciated. With the high level of acid in alcohol, it works just as well to cleanse wounds as it does to sanitize cleaning materials like cloths and sponges. Simply submerge your sponges and cloths in alcohol and leave them to rest for a few minutes. Then, all you have to do is rinse them. The bacteria in the sponges should be minimized or gone completely, making them safer for you to use in your cleaning tasks.

A microfiber couch may seem like a burden now, because of its aptitude for picking up and showing stains, but with Erika’s cleaning instructions, it won’t be that way for much longer. Thank you to Erika, the author of Living Well Mom lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for how to clean and remove pen and marker from a microfiber couch.

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