How To Clean a Greasy Gas Stovetop with Just Soap and Water

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If you don’t enjoy your gas stove or won’t purchase one because you think they are hard to clean, The Kitchn recipe and lifestyle blog will show you how to clean a greasy gas stovetop with just soap and water. Soap and water are the best stovetop cleaner, because the soap cuts through grease easily, which will make cleaning any stove significantly less labour intensive. Plus, dish soap is an item that every person has in their kitchen cupboard, so you won’t have to worry about picking up any new products for your stove cleaning needs. The Kitchn’s gas stove cleaning method may seem like it didn’t take much thought to come up with, but when you apply their instructions to cleaning your gas stove, you will see how ingenious their method really is. Once you adopt the article’s instructions into your kitchen cleaning habits, you will begin to love your gas stove once again.

The most challenging part about cleaning gas stoves is that they have several parts including the knobs and grates, which are difficult to clean if left for extended periods of time. The key is not to let the grates and knobs get overly dirty and to apply The Kitchn’s thorough cleaning method to your stovetop once per week. The removable knobs soak in soapy warm water while you clean the rest of the stovetop and the grates get scrubbed with a scrub brush in the sink. By using a combination of dish soap and a more abrasive scrub brush, the stains and baked on food will comes away from the grates easily leaving you with a stove that looks brand new.

If you are wondering what the best cleaning products for home are, particularly where it concerns the kitchen, the answer is that natural chemical-free cleaners are the safest and often work just as well as chemical-based cleaners. Chemical free cleaning products are beneficial to use in your kitchen, where you prepare food to consume because your family won’t, in turn, be ingesting the chemicals associated with chemical cleaners. When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, hot water laden with dish soap is one of the most efficient methods for getting your kitchen clean. Even some restaurants resort to this traditional cleaning product so that they can stay away from harmful substances like bleach and the most expensive food safe cleaners. Dish soap and hot water both sanitizes whatever it touches and cuts grease as efficiently as any other cleaning product. You don’t have to limit it to just cleaning your gas stovetop; also, extend this practice to cleaning off your countertops, the surfaces of appliances, and the interior of the refrigerator where having a chemical free cleaning product is exceptionally important. Thank you to The Kitchn for sharing their article on how to clean a greasy gas stovetop with just soap and water with us. This ingenious method proves that dish soap is one of the most powerful cleaners in the kitchen and one that you should employ to cleaning your gas stovetop. **

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