How To Build The King Of DIY Fly Traps

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If the flies are terrible where you live, you may be willing to try out any and every home pest control remedy out there. Some of them can be more effective than others though, and this fly trap seems to be pretty promising. Instead of having to use toxic chemicals for pest control you can try using organic pest control or traps like this one. Home and Gardening Ideas shares this DIY fly trap tutorial with us so that we can make our very own fly trap. You can put yours out on your deck or patio, or you could even use it inside. Having one inside and one outside would be a great way to cover your bases when it comes to pest control too. The great thing is since you used an organic pest control method to kill the flies and no toxins were used, you could then use them as feed for your chickens if you have some. The home pest control trap comes from Shop Projects Based On Community Problems by Myron G. Burton which you can find on Amazon if you want to buy it. The materials you'll need are some pieces of wood, trim, brads, corrugated nails, screen wire, small tacks, Bessemer rod 8″ long, screw eyes No. 114, brass hinges and a small clasp.

Since flies and other pests tend to spread disease, it's essential to do pest control to keep their numbers low. One of the best ways to go about this is to screen our homes to keep them out and make sure that you don't have any uncovered garbage bins or trash laying out for them to feed on. There have been cities that have taken home pest control very seriously, and they have had excellent results in decreasing the number of flies. Schools even initiate fly catching contests and make some fun about learning how to do pest control. To make this pest control trap, you basically build a few rectangular frames and then cut some screen wire to fit each to the frames and fasten it in place using some small tacks. Put the four frames together to create a box and join the edges together with a plain butt joint. To make the lid, all you do is create a square frame with a crossbar in the middle to make a handle and then cover it with the screening as you did with the box. Inside the box, you make a pyramid out of the screen by using a paper pattern. Just make four triangles of equal size and then bend and shape them to create a pyramid.

Bend some wire to form a handle and attach to the top and then attach the lid with the hinges. Then you create an opening for the flies to fly in and crawl into but that they won't be able to get out of. You can also make a pest control trap by using a jar and cut out an area of the lid. Then put a screen cone to place in the hole that the flies will enter in through. They will find it challenging to return through the smaller hole once they're inside the jar so they will be trapped. You can even use an old paint bucket, some screen and wire to create a cylinder to fit into the bucket. Always remember to put food items away in the fridge or in storage so as not to attract more flies. For the best pest control make sure that your screens and windows are in good shape too, so they don't get into your home.***

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