Hot To Get Rid of Any Burrowing Animals With this Dawn Soap Solution

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Are you finding deep holes all over your lawn or garden? They could be from burrowing animals like moles, gophers, groundhogs or ground squirrels. These rodents can really destroy your yard and garden really quickly if they aren't controlled which is why it's so crucial to learn about effective methods of outdoor pest control. Luckily, we can pretty much find the answers to all of our problems online these days including rodent control methods. When it comes to home pest control, there are many ways to take care of pests that are destroying your home and yard, or that are just causing a nuisance. Some of the pest control methods require chemicals and toxins, while some pest control methods even kill rodents and other animals. If you would rather not harm any animals while you're doing rodent control in your yard, there are also cheap, effective and cruelty-free ways to do some pest control around your yard. These holes not only make your lawn harder to walk on, but they can also ruin your grass resulting in a very patchy lawn. If these rodents are getting into your garden all of your flowers, fruits and vegetables could be compromised, and all your hard work would be ruined.

It turns out that solution for pest control and rodent control, in particular, is dish soap. That's right, just plain old dish soap. You can try using any kind of dish soap, but I See I Do I Make recommends that you use Dawn dish soap. You will also need some Castor Oil, as well as a bottle and spray attachment for your hose. You simply mix 4 ounces of Castor Oil with one tablespoon of dish soap then fill the spray bottle full the rest of the way with water and shake well until everything is combined. Attach the spray bottle to your garden hose and spray the mixture all over your lawn to coat it really well. For the best pest control using this method, make sure that you use a generous amount of this homemade rodent control spray. If you have to make more of the solution, do so so that you cover your entire lawn really well. You can also dump some of the solution into the molehills that are already on your lawn too to keep them from returning. Repeat this pest control method in one week to get rid of any moles or rodents that are left hanging around.

If they still seem to keep coming back, hire a professional to get rid of them for you. This pest control method just allows you, your kids, and pets to enjoy your yard without being worried about walking on poison. It's also very cost effective as well since you probably already have dish soap and castor oil is very affordable. Another thing that you can try for outdoor pest control and rodent control is planting certain herbs around your yard. Rodents are very sensitive to strong scents so plants like peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary can deter them. You can also use natural essential oils in the form of a homemade spray to deter them too. Just mix some peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils with some water and a bit of dish soap in a spray bottle and spray the areas in your yard really well. You could also try adding the essential oils to your castor oil and dish soap mixture too to give it some extra fighting power. Try out these simple pest control tips and see how they work for you and your yard. Make sure you share them with friends and family too, so they know what to do if they have rodent problems.***

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