Homemade tub tile and grout cleaner

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This all-purpose cleaning solution will help to remove dirt from grout and clean stains from the bathtub. If you have just moved into a new home or apartment where the bathroom is in less than ideal shape, this homemade cleaning solution will be excellent for you. The My Cleaning Solutions website has come up with this cleaning product to remove stains from tile grout and bathtubs easily and safely. They chose to employ a few household items, which makes it easy for anyone to follow their instructions without having to go out and buy new products. If you like the idea of cleaning your bathroom with natural items like baking soda and liquid dish soap, check out My Cleaning Solutions recipe for this homemade tub tile and grout cleaner.

You may have a bathtub that has all sort of stains and is wondering about what stain removal products to use. You likely could use all sorts of store-bought products to help clean the bathtub and grout, but the issue with them is that they are full of toxic chemicals which are deemed unsafe for pets and people to come in contact. If you are wondering ways how to remove spots using non-toxic natural cleaners, this homemade natural cleaner is for you. The site explains the proper amounts of natural ingredients to mix to create an effective, homemade natural cleaner. One ingredient is all natural baking soda, which is a favorite household cleaning solution using all eco-friendly, chemical-free ingredients. Baking soda helps to whiten surfaces, remove stains and clean clogged drains. If you are wondering about cleaning stained pots and pans, you can also use baking soda as an all-natural cleaner for that, too. When baking soda is combined with certain ingredients, it helps to form a chemical reaction that helps lift stains. It also has a gentle abrasive quality that can get rid of stains from surfaces.

Another natural cleaning product is hydrogen peroxide, which is a chemical compound that can help to sterilize and disinfect surfaces. Although pure hydrogen peroxide is dangerous on its own, lower concentrations of the ingredient are safe and are considered good for cleaning solutions and medical purposes. When it comes to cleaning a bathroom, it is one of the best natural cleaners, because it will help to sanitize the surfaces effectively without providing the harmful effects of store-bought chemical cleaning products that you don't want to use around your family.

Some natural cleaners you can also use to work on bathroom stains, and dirt includes dipping a toothbrush into full strength white vinegar and gently scrubbing. You can also use some baking soda in a medium sized bowl and some warm water. Mix the two into a smooth paste and scrub the natural cleaner into the grout with a toothbrush or sponge. Then rinse the area thoroughly and dispose of any leftover paste when finished. To clean moldy tile grout on the bathroom walls, you can fill a spray bottle with some hydrogen peroxide and some water. Then spray onto the moldy surfaces and let sit for about an hour or so then rinse off. You could also use a tea tree essential oil spray that uses some tea tree essential oil in water in a spray bottle. Shake the natural cleaning solutions and spray the bathroom grout to repel any mold and mildew you might find in the bathtub or shower. You will find this natural cleaner on the MySolutions site. On the site, you will find plenty of other natural cleaners, how to remove spots, natural baking soda ideas and so much more. **

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