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You will want to take a look at all of these yummy fun desserts with more ideas than you will know what to do with. There is something about the holidays that makes us want to make and eat lots of treats. These are fun desserts that can be brought out and enjoyed when family and friends come over, provided they last that long. One look at some of the fun recipes for kids, and you won't know where to start first. Here are just some of the fun desserts that you might consider making your holiday recipe.

1. For starters, one of the fun recipes for kids and adults alike is chocolate potato chips. This fun dessert idea combines two of your favorites into one recipe for a salty and sweet candy you won't be able to resist.

2. The triple chocolate fudge cool dessert recipe has dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and marshmallow cream for what is sure to be a hit when guests arrive.

3. A trail mix recipe that is full of rich antioxidants in a yummy treat you will love. This two ingredient organic dark chocolate trail mix energy bites idea can be enjoyed all year long.

4. Next on the list of fun desserts is an orange nut toffee recipe. This yummy Christmas candy recipe is made on a stick, so its perfect to have at as parties or special holiday food gifts. With light-as-air truffles, hard candy, some fudge, chewy caramels, or sweet gumdrops, this is sure to be a favorite holiday recipe.

5. A clear sprinkled homemade lollipop recipe is another recipe that can be given for holiday gifts and almost looks too good to eat. These easy to make crystal clear lollipops are made with just two simple ingredients, with optional seasonal sprinkles, along with with crushed candy cane pieces, chopped nuts or dried cranberries added for appeal.

6. Oreo with peanut butter cups fun recipes for kids.

7. English toffee cool dessert recipe.

8. You will love the DIY edible hot cocoa mug mini dessert fun recipe for kids. This is a great idea that is easy to make with an adorable mini mug that is covered in chocolate and topped with marshmallows. The handle on the mini chocolate mug is made from a candy cane. The kids will love this fun dessert idea.

9. A cool dessert recipe on the list includes a tasty marshmallow snowman on a sled of peppermints. These adorable candy treats can be served on their own, or you can add it to the front of a gingerbread house.

10. Homemade gumdrops fun dessert recipe.

11. Fudgy Oreo brownies cool dessert recipe.

12. Pretzel Hugs are a sweet and salty snack that combines pretzels topped with a Hershey Kiss and an M & M on top for a holiday treat everyone will love, in an easy to make recipe idea.

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