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The kitchen is among the most frequented places in the home, which is why it is one of the most difficult areas to maintain as well. With the weeks being so busy, often family members neglect cleanup which leaves a large mess at the end of the day that no one feels like tackling. Luckily, Jo-Ann, the author of A Pretty Life lifestyle blog, has a list of ten easy steps for cleaning your kitchen, that will keep it spotless all the time. While these tasks look like a lot to complete, they aren’t. Each cleaning task takes minutes to do, and with practice, will become part of your daily routine. Part of keeping a kitchen clean is merely maintaining it so that there isn’t plenty of clutter at the end of the day. You won’t be clearing loads of dishes or having to routinely wash the kitchen floor if you follow Jo-Ann’s easy cleaning steps.

One of the big things that Jo-Ann mentions is to keep your kitchen sink clean at all times. This means, wiping it out after each use, and also making sure that dishes aren’t lingering in there for a long time. If you need to know how to clean kitchen sink, the process is easy. Jo-Ann recommends several cleaning products for you to use, like antibacterial wipes, water and vinegar, or simply hot soapy water. A mixture of your everyday dish soap and hot water should be sufficient for everyday use, and will aptly sanitise the surface as well as remove grime from the surface. Keeping your sink clean will make you feel more like tackling dirty dishes immediately, rather than waiting until the end of the day. Another way to achieve an uncluttered sink or counter is to keep on top of your dishwasher cycles. Simply run a load each day, and always clear it out right after it’s done, so it is free for additional dishes. Teach each family member, even older children, to load their dishes into the dishwasher after they are finished with their plates or cups.

Another of the best kitchen cleaning tips that Jo-Ann offers is to wipe down counters or well-used kitchen surfaces after each use. This task can be as easy as wiping down the counter, refrigerator or oven with a cloth dipped in hot soapy water, which will help maintain the appearance through the day. There is no need for chemical cleaning products when it comes to cleaning surfaces in the kitchen; rather, rely on natural kitchen cleaners, like dish soap, baking soda or vinegar, which are safe if ingested. Non toxic cleaners are the best for kitchen cleaning, because it is the place where food is prepared, and therefore, you only want products that are safe for people to consume.

Once you have seen Jo-Ann’s full kitchen cleaning list, which is simply several easy steps that anyone can perform in a minute or two in the kitchen, you will be inclined to applying these house cleaning tips to other areas of the home. One of the overlying themes of her article is simply about keeping everything in the right place, which means, cleaning up after you are finished with something, and teaching other family members to do the same. Rather than having a sink of soapy water at hand for quick cleaning, keep a spray bottle filled with a homemade multi-purpose cleaner, that is handy when surfaces need a quick wipe down. Thank you to Jo-Ann, the author of A Pretty Life lifestyle blog, for sharing her ten steps for having a cleaner kitchen with us. For more of her easy steps, check out the full article on her website.

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