Hairdryer Sticker Removal

What would we do without the internet and the world of house hold hacks that people have thankfully shared? Like this awesome Hairdryer Sticker Removal hack! Don't you just hate it when the store you buy something from has put their obnoxious sticker on the product you buy, only so that when you get it home you try and try, but that sticker just won't come off?! It's like they make these stickers with the most incredibly sticky glue that never wants to wash off. Even when the sticker is gone, you still have this invisible, nasty, sticky film that attracts all dirt and debris, quickly turing into a brown or grey square on whatever it was that you purchased.

I get it, they have to price their merchandise to keep track of their inventory, and maybe to help cut down on theft... because if we can't get these stupid stickers off at home with all of the goo gone and brillo pads we own, than the thieves sure won't be able to get the stickers off just by scraping it with their nails. Not very inconspicuous at all... You may have tried all of the products out there that claim to get off the sticky goop, but honestly they don't work the best, and then your item is left stinking like awful chemicals.

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