Germ Management Just Nuke Em!

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Germs and bacteria are every where, its part of life on Earth! But if you would like to be more on top of the germs that are in your household than here is some Germ Management – Just Nuke ‘Em! Yup that's right, just nuke them! Not with nuclear weapons... with your microwave! When you place something you feel has too much bacteria on it, in a high heat environment, the germs will be killed off, leaving you with germ free items. It works well for dish cloths, sponges and dish towels, just doing it once a day is enough to keep the bacteria at bay.

Did you know that dish towels are by far the most germ filled item in your kitchen?! True story, there was even a study done on what the dirtiest thing in the kitchen is and the dish towel came up as being definitely hands down, the filthiest thing in the kitchen. Think about how much you use yours at your own home, and what you use it for. In the study they saw people using it to wipe up spills on the floor, or wiping their hands on it before even washing them when they started out, or wiping their phone's screen off with it, and we all know how gross our cell phones are and how many germs they harbour.

This is a great thing to do around flu and cold season, or just anytime in general to keep harmful germs at bay. It sure beats having to wash your dish towels every single day... that would be such a waste of water and energy! You could also put in some essential oils to help kill the bacteria, like eucalyptus or lemon! Plus they would make your house smell so good! Be careful of the materials you put in though and only do them for 30 seconds or less at a time! Head over to 'Home Hacks' by following the link in the section below for more!

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