Fruity Ambrosia Recipe

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When it comes to making fun dessert recipes for family gatherings, this Fruity Ambrosia Recipe sounds just about right. This recipe is beautifully put together using pineapple and oranges that give it a tart taste but nothing too overpowering. The addition of nuts in this recipe also gives it a twist of excellent texture. Overall, the sweet taste of fruits combined with the creamy texture of sour cream and marshmallows make this dessert fun to indulge. It is also a unique way of serving fruits and sneaking some of their health benefits into your family’s wellness. Eating healthy is easy if you know how to put simple dessert recipes together using fruits. In a typical Ambrosia salad recipe, there is a lot of cream cheese added, but this recipe uses just sour cream. You could also use vanilla yogurt to cut down the calories as an alternative. You’ll be happy to know that this recipe has a right amount of protein from the dairy as well as vitamins that are there in the fruits. Some brands of yogurt have added sugar in them. You might want to take that into account and use the one with no added sugar, for instance, using plain Greek yogurt is way more beneficial with fewer calories. Since there are marshmallows added to the salad the subtly sweetness of fruits and marshmallows might be just the thing you need in a fruit salad recipe.

There are multiple benefits to eating oranges that cannot be ignored. Oranges are low in saturated fat and practically cholesterol-free. They are also very high in dietary fiber and vitamin C. With all these orange benefits it’s essential to include them in most fruit salads. Keep in mind that, seasonal fruits are easy on your budget to incorporate into this recipe. Fresh fruits are always healthier than eating canned fruits because of the preservatives. Apart from its distinct flavor in desserts, it’s important to know that coconut flakes nutrition is very high. For a healthy option, use unsweetened coconut flakes in recipes. You could even make unsweetened coconut flakes in your kitchen to get the maximum health benefits of coconut flakes nutrition. Just throw coconut bits into a blender or a coffee grinder and blend them until you get a coarse texture. Coconut flakes nutrition acts as a vital source in boosting lauric acid to the body and recognized for its antibacterial qualities. Besides the several health benefits that come from unsweetened coconut nutrition, it is also low in carbs.

For extra deliciousness and nutrition, add a handful of other toasted nuts like almonds, buttered pecans, Brazil nuts, cashews etc. You can also combine sunflower seeds, chia, hemp, pumpkin, or flax seeds. Adding raisins, cranberries or Goji berries in this fruit salad recipe will give a natural sweetness. You can sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, cocoa powder or dark chocolate chips into this enjoyable fruit salad recipe. You can combine any ingredients of your preference and try out the different creative variations to make cool dessert recipes like this one, even more, fun. A good vegan or lactose-free alternative to yogurt is coconut cream beaten with sugar. You can also add vegan coconut ice cream or cultured coconut milk which is also a good alternative.

Thank you to Justine at The Typical Mom recipe blog for sharing this Fruity Ambrosia Recipe with us. Do visit Justine’s blog for more fun dessert recipes suitable for all events. This healthy Ambrosia salad recipe is easy to prepare and tastes terrific for everyone's likes in the family. Make this fruity salad delight today!

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