Five Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Your Windows

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If you're someone who's always wondered how to ever achieve the best results when cleaning your windows, then read on further for some good household cleaning tips. These Five Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Your Windows can now be completely avoided no matter what the conditions or circumstances are:

1. Picking the wrong day to clean - Yes that's right. When you clean your windows on a hot sunny day the window cleaner usually dries almost instantly as it touches the glass when it's hot leaving those messy streaks of cleaner on the glass that are hard to wipe clean. Whereas on a dry, cloudy day, as you spray the window cleaner onto the cool glass, you have enough time to clean as well as wipe the remnants of the cleaner leaving it spotless and streak-free.

2. Cleaning the window sills and sashes in the end - Always clean your window sills and sashes at first even before you start cleaning the glass. If not, the window cleaner will drip onto the window frames and end up collecting dust which may not end up looking hundred percent clean. Always make sure to vacuum clean the window’s frame, sill, and sash before you start working on the glass itself.

3. You don't use enough window cleaner - Make sure always to spray your window cleaner liberally. Remember you have to let the window cleaner soak up all the dirt before you begin cleaning to achieve maximum results. Not using enough cleanser is never going to give the desired results. The key is to use the cleanser liberally rather than sparingly. If possible, try to stick to using natural cleaning products like natural baking soda to avoid getting in contact with potentially harmful cleaning chemicals that can be cancerous. The International Fragrance Association acknowledges that the fragrances added to cleaners may contain more than 3,000 different chemical ingredients to make the cleaners smell good. While some chemicals are harmless, others such as linalool and eugenol are notorious for causing allergies.

4. You are convinced that newspapers are good for drying your windows - This is a popular belief but doesn't always work. Cleaning the windows with newspapers will not give a streak-free result and leaves those annoying paper lint marks all over. Try opting for a microfiber cloth instead for achieving 100 percent clean, shiny and streak-free results because microfiber cloth absorbs well and is reusable as well.

5. Using an inferior quality paper towel brand for drying the windows - If you still prefer using a paper towel to wipe your windows dry, always make sure to choose the brand that is strong enough to remove the cleanser stains thoroughly without leaving any paper bits on the glass.

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