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When you're looking for pork dinner ideas, it's easy to come across the same kind or pork recipes over and over again. Instead of just going with the same old pork dinner ideas try out these parmesan baked pork chops for something a little different. This is a really great way to turn a cheap cut of meat into something absolutely delicious. When you're on a budget, and you have a family, you probably try at all sorts of different budget-friendly and easy dinner ideas. Pork chops are one of the cuts of meat that costs very little to buy, and they will always fill everyone up. Pork chops are taken from the loin of the pig and usually have the bone of a rib or vertebrae. Since they aren't processed like other cuts of pork, they are leaner. Pork is actually one of the most common and popular types of meat eaten in the US and pork chops are the most common cut of pork meat consumed. Pork chops can be roasted, grilled and even fried or baked. Usually, there is a coating to go on a pork chop to bring some more flavour to it. They can also be stuffed and cooked boneless or with the bone in, and they are usually about a half an inch to 2 inches thick. They should always reach the internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit before eating.

Pork chops are high in protein, vitamin B, and zinc and they don't have a lot of fat unlike other cuts of pork like bacon which is very high in fat. Whenever you buy pork or any other meat for that matter, always make sure that you're getting meat from a good source. Look on the packaging that the meat comes in and see if there are any labels telling you that it's from an organic, pasture-raised farm. You will also notice words like antibiotic-free, or hormone-free, which are also good things to see on the meat packaging since you don't want to ingest these chemicals when you eat the meat. You can always look to buy your meat directly from an organic farm that raises their animals humanely or go to a local butcher that sells meat from local organic farms and ask them for more information. To make this recipe, you'll need four boneless pork chops, olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, pepper, and garlic powder. First, take a bag and put all of the spices and cheese with the bread crumbs into the bag and mix it around.

Then, take your pork chops and rub them with olive oil and put each pork chop into the big bag one at a time and shake them in the bag to coat them with the seasoning. You can also push the spices and cheese into the pork to ensure they are well-covered. Then, place the seasoned pork chops on a baking sheet, and you can add some more of the seasoning if you want and bake them for 40 to 45 minutes until they have an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the meat and make sure that it's well cooked all the way through. Then, you can serve the pork chops right away with a nice green salad and some potatoes for a well-balanced meal. This is kind of like chicken parmesan, but instead of chicken, you use pork as the meat. Try out this and other easy dinner ideas from Budget 101, a great website to check out and get recipes from if you're on a tight budget or even if you're not.***

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