Easy No Effort Method to Clean a Shower Head

Photo Credit: Life Hacker

If there are ways that one can save time with cleaning in one's life, then by all means let us take those methods and use them! This method is an near-no effort way to clean your shower head, which over times gets quite grimy and stained. Shower heads are subject to build up and sometimes they are a bit hard to clean, especially if you are way shorter than your shower head.

This method uses vinegar, which is a favorite natural cleaner for many people out there. According to the David Suziki website, vinegar (acetic acid) is not only an excellent disinfectant, but it also acts as a deodorizer and helps to cut grease. With vinegar, you are able to avoid bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and others. The famous company, heinz, has also released an even stronger vinegar that has 1% more acetic acid and is being labeled as the 'cleaning vinegar'. It will smell stronger and have more germ fighting capacity.

If you have a science-loving mind, then knowing how things work is part of the fun for you. As for vinegar, the acid found in it is able to cross the cell membrane of the bacteria and create a release of protons which in turn causes the cell to die.

As for this shower method, all you need are 3 easy tools and your shower head will be glistening again! I wish I had known about this one way earlier in life. For the method on how to do this, check out the link below to the 'Life Hacker' website.

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