Easy No Bake Millionaire Pie

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Looking for more easy dessert recipes to add to your collection? This easy no-bake millionaire pie will deliver. Be prepared to share the recipe for this dessert recipe when you bring it to any gathering or to bring it again. Tawra and Jill share this dessert recipe and many other great easy desserts on their website Living On A Dime. Their website is all about living frugally with tips to stay on a budget and reduce or pay off debt. So if you're someone who needs some help feeding your family for less, this website could be of great service to you. Most of their savings comes from being budget conscious and not from coupons too, so you don't have to spend a lot of extra time looking for deals. It's designed to work for pretty much anyone from anywhere too. They even offer a live video stream Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week at 4:30 om Mountain Standard Time. You can tune in on Facebook or on their YouTube channel to hear more of their great ideas for saving money and to participate in the conversation of living on a dime. Their recipes range from breads and dips to healthy salads and gluten-free options too. So you can always save money no matter what your lifestyle.

This Millionaire Pie is just one of their dessert recipes you can try. It's a no-bake recipe, so it's perfect for those hotter days in the summer when you don't want to turn on the oven. Or when you just need a recipe that's quick to prepare. The millionaire pie is from the 1950's as icebox dessert recipes were becoming more popular. It was first made in Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina and was named Millionaire pie because of how rich it was. As the recipe spread all over America, the name seemed to go along with it even though there were a few different versions created over the years. Usually, the common ingredients for these pies are the graham cracker crumb crust, sweetened condensed milk, pineapple, coconut and pecans or walnuts with a whipped cream topping. Some of the recipes also include cream cheese now as well. The ladies over at Living On A Dime say to use real Cool Whip topping though and not whipped cream since the whipped cream won't set properly for this dessert recipe. There is also some lemon juice in this pie recipe which is what will set the pie. So use lemon juice as it produces the best results, and there isn't a good substitute for it in the recipe. However, you can tweak the other ingredients like the coconut and add marshmallows instead.

You can either buy a pre-made graham cracker crust or a pre-made regular pie crust depending on what you like. Or you can make your own graham cracker or pie crust of your own from scratch. The easiest way to do this is to get your graham cracker crumbs and mix them with some sugar, butter and cinnamon, then press it into a pan and bake it. Buying the pre-made crusts would save you some time of course. Then, you'll also need some coconut flakes, crushed pineapple which can be from a can, fresh or frozen. If you're going to use fresh pineapple cut up the pineapple into small pieces and then pulse it in your food processor or blender until it's lightly crushed. If you use frozen pineapple thaw it out and then pulse it in your food processor or blender. You'll also need some maraschino cherries, some of the juice, lemon juice and pecans or walnuts. Try out the recipe and see how you like it.***

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