Easy Delicious Fresh Peach Fritters

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Fresh peaches aren’t an all-year fruit option, but when they do come in season, you must make this easy delicious fresh peach fritters recipe. These fritters are served warm from the fryer and are fluffy with studs of sweet, juicy peach. Bunny, the author of the Bunny’s Warm Oven recipe blog, came up with this peach fritter recipe, which includes plenty of diced fresh peaches and a creamy white glaze drizzled over the top. The apple fritters she grew up enjoying inspired her, and she thought that the inclusion of peaches instead of apples would be a unique twist. The crispy edges and fluffy interior of these fun desserts will have your family and anyone you serve these to raving about how delicious they are. Once you have prepared this doughnut recipe once, you will want to make it all peach season, and at other times of year with seasonal fruit and berries.

Fritters recipes are a type of doughnut that involve a flour-based batter with baking powder, eggs and milk. Unlike a cake doughnut recipe, though, fritters utilize a loose batter similar to a pancake batter which puffs up during frying. Sometimes fritters recipes might take a savoury form as well, such as vegetable tempura in Japanese cuisine or onion bhaji in Indian cuisine. Anything that includes a crisp batter is often called a fritter rather than a doughnut. In the case of these fun desserts, however, these peach fritters are more in the realm of a doughnut with a crispy batter encasing plenty of fresh peaches. These fun desserts would be delicious served at a party to a group of friends or enjoyed with the family for a flavourful snack or dessert during the day. As with any doughnut or fried food, though, these are best as soon as they are made, so make sure everyone is ready to enjoy them when you whip up a batch.

When frying any doughnut recipe, it is crucial to maintain the correct oil temperature to ensure the doughnut or fritter cooks evenly internally without becoming too browned on the outside. If you have an electric fryer, often the fryer will maintain a pre-set temperature, which means you won’t have to watch the temperature yourself. If you are frying a pot filled with oil, however, you may find your challenges with maintaining the indicated temperature. The most efficient method would be to use a large Dutch oven and fill it no more than two inches with oil and keep the bottle of oil next to the stove so that you can add more if the oil temperature rises too much. That way you won’t have to wait long for the oil to cool to the correct temperature. Also, when frying, it is important not to overcrowd the oil too much, or the temperature may go down, and your fritters will take longer to cook and will absorb more oil.

Although fresh peaches aren’t available all year round, you can still prepare this fritter recipe with canned peaches or your favourite seasonal fruit. During early summer, diced strawberries would be an attractive addition to the batter and taste delicious with the icing sugar glaze drizzle. Alternatively, chopped apples would be the perfect choice for this batter in the fall. There are many fritters recipes out there, but the key to success is finding one that will work with different types of fruit so you can make this all year round, and this one does. Whatever fruit you choose, this easy delicious fresh peach fritters recipe is a versatile choice of dessert for your kitchen. Thank you to Bunny, the author of the Bunny’s Warm Oven recipe blog, for sharing her peach fritters recipe with us.

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