Easy Bacon and Cheese Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

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Easy casseroles such as this one make cooking a joy and allow you to incorporate many different ingredients into one dish that allows you to make use of leftovers and will provide a meal that can be a treat to make and a pleasure to eat. Healthy casseroles are not always easy to make since many casserole recipes call for cheeses and things like bacon to be added. This being said that does not mean you cannot produce healthy casseroles because all it takes is a little ingenuity and some substitutes that can still keep the casserole recipes healthy while not giving up on the flavor. Many easy casseroles that don’t require a red seal certificate to cook them can be readily made in less than 2 hours and that includes the preparation as well as the cooking time to make a recipe many will love.

The term casserole basically means a type of stew or side dish that is mostly baked in an oven. That is pretty general and as you will find recipes that are called casseroles incorporate many different ingredients. They can include pastas, meats, cheeses, fish and simply veggies. Types of casseroles include but are not exclusively also named ragout, hotpot, cassoulet, tajine, moussaka, lasagna, shepherds pie, gratin rice or macaron, timballo, and carbonnade. These are varieties of casserole type recipes from around the world. Not many people identify with lasagna as a casserole but it does fall into that category when relating it to the general casserole definition. The beauty of casserole recipes is the opportunity given to the cook to add just about any ingredient you love that can bake for about an hour and still be edible without falling apart and basically becoming inedible.Many of today’s casserole recipes are made with condensed cream soups as the base with pasta, tuna, chicken, peas, corn or many other different veggies included. Cheese is optional but adds to the casserole recipe by getting the ingredients to bond and become as one.

Katarina’s bacon and cheese loaded baked potato casserole recipe puts the cheese, potato and bacon together and allows for you to add veggies if you would like and makes the directions easy to follow. The cooking process for this recipe is what takes the longest since the prep time is approximately about 20 minutes so she gives you time to relax or make another dish to marry with the casserole. The next time you find yourself with extra leftovers and don’t know what to do with them give this recipe a try and in less than 2 hours you will be eating. Thanks to Katerina of Diet Hood for her Bacon and Cheese Loaded Baked Potato Casserole recipe that puts together three wonderful ingredients that are common to us and great on their own but when put together can only be described as a wonderful thing. Bon Apetit.**

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