Easily CleanThat Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring for about .25 Cents - Have you tried this?

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You don't need any fancy cleaners to clean your home, and you especially don't need chemical cleaners either. Using chemicals to clean your home is not only bad for the environment it could be bad for your health and your family's too. Some of the toxins you breathe in while using these cleaning products cause health issues when they are used over a long period of time. They can be especially bad for our pets since they are much more sensitive than us. Floor cleaning products can be bad for pets and babies who are on the floor a lot too, so make sure you always check labels to be sure that there aren't any toxins in your cleaning products. Or better yet, make your own cleaning products instead. This way you'll avoid the chemicals, and you don't have to pay nearly as much for the products. Buying natural house cleaners like white distilled vinegar and baking soda is a great start to having the best natural house cleaner ingredients. Then you can make pretty much any type of cleaner. Another great cleaning tip is to use citric acid as a natural house cleaner. In this cleaning tip from Hometalk, you'll learn how to use Kool Aid to clean your toilet.

You might be thinking, why Kool Aid, but it turns out that the main ingredient in Kool Aid is citric acid. So if you already have some of these flavoured drink crystals in your home, you can actually use them for cleaning tips like this. If you don't have Kool Aid and you don't buy drink crystals, you can also buy some citric acid which would come in handy for other cleaning tips and even some great recipes. If you find that you always have a nasty ring in your toilet bowl, citric acid is the natural ingredient that can make it all go away. The acids in the powder will quickly go to work to dissolve the hard minerals that make the ring like calcium and magnesium. They will eat away at the build up over time and then you'll be able to scrub it away easily with a toilet brush. Use a lemon or lime Kool Aid flavour as these flavours will have the highest content of citric acid in them. Then, just pour the entire packet into the toilet bowl and shut the lid. Wait at least one hour or more for the citric acid to work it's magic and then return and scrub the gunk away. When you're all done scrubbing flush the toilet, and you'll see your toilet is clean again.

Kool Aid also works great in the dishwasher too, and it can take care of all of the hard water stains, and soap scum build up on the inside. Just put a package of Kool Aid or some citric acid in the compartment in place of dishwasher soap and run the dishwasher through an entire cycle without any dishes in it. Another great ingredient for cleaning hard water stains is vinegar. Much like the high acidity of the citric acid, the acid in the vinegar will eat away at calcium and magnesium build up in your toilet, shower, bathtub and sink. It also works great on your faucets and shower heads too. Just put some vinegar in a bag and secure it around the shower head or faucet and leave it to sit for at least an hour. Then scrub with a toothbrush and turn the water on to clear out the gunk. Try out these great cleaning tips and enjoy using more natural house cleaners when cleaning your home.***

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