Dog-friendly cabin with private hot tub, fenced yard, and gorgeous location!

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This wood cabin rental has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is the perfect place for you and your family to stay, and the best part is that it's dog friendly. Located in breathtaking Blue Ridge, Georgia, this is a spot where you and your loved ones, can enjoy the fresh air, as well as perks such as a private hot tub. The cabin building is nestled south of Lake Blue Ridge and provides easy access to the Aska Adventure Area. You can explore northern Georgia's forests thanks to hiking trails and waterfalls. You can even find out why Blue Ridge is famed as the trout capital of Georgia with a day fishing trip. And when you are ready for some home cooking, there is a grill and fully equipped kitchen that has everything that you need to prepare something special.

There are plenty of benefits to staying in a wood cabin when you go on vacation. Wood cabins take less energy to build. The building materials used in the construction of wood cabins are environmentally and ecologically friendly. There is less energy that is required for building a cabin building than standard home designs. The energy production that is required to harvest wood is less than what is necessary for the manufacturing of other types of building materials. Greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced with the construction of a cabin building, as almost ten percent of global CO2 emissions are a result of the production of concrete building materials. It is said that when a ton of concrete is produced, there is a ton of CO2 that is also produced. Many cabin building construction companies make it their mission to invest in the reforestation of forests and are often looking at ways to improve green building practices. Staying in a wood cabin will also lessen your carbon footprint. Wood cabins are energy-efficient in power. You can save on energy use and your power bill by staying in a cabin building. When it comes to wood cabins, heat doesn’t pass through the logs, and the cabin building acts as a thermal battery to store the heat during the day and then releasing any energy during the evening, which in turn creates an energy efficient home design.

There is something special about staying in that log cabin on the top of a mountain. Not only are the views from a mountain wood cabin amazing, but you are also in the ideal place to sit back, relax and get in touch with yourself and with nature. There are more benefits to staying in a wood cabin that goes beyond the great views. A cabin building is a great way to lessen your environmental impact. From a wood cabins construction to how the cabin building stores and uses energy, a wood cabin is ecologically friendly in more ways than one. A wood cabin considers the surrounding nature. Cabin buildings are often built with the surrounding nature in mind, set amongst great views and consideration for the preservation of both the environment and habitat. It is always important to check the mission statement of a wood cabin rental or leaser for reassurance of this matter. The construction of a wood cabin has lower environmental impact when compared to standard home designs and takes into account the surrounding nature. When you want to get back to nature, it is always wise to choose to stay in a wood cabin.

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