Do Your Dry Cleaning At Home and Save Money!

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Dry cleaning is the selected method of cleaning for certain clothing items. You know when you purchase a garment with the 'Dry Clean Only' label that it means being very careful that it does not end up in the regular wash.

What many of us did not realize is that you can do dry cleaning at home with a 'Dry Cleaning Kit'. The kit comes with a bottle of stain remover as well dry cleaning sheets and a dry cleaning bag. Always read what that garment is made from. Home kits are okay if you are not trying to clean a garment that is heavily soiled and if it is, you are better to take that one to the dry cleaners. You will have success with your home kit on light soils in polyesters and silks. Kits are about $10.00 and will do several items.

The stain remove kit will have instructions on how to remove the soiled part. You should do a test on a piece of the garment that won't show it in case the cleaner leaves a mark on the clothing. Once you are satisfied it is safe, apply according to directions. You will then add a dry cleaning sheet to the bag. This sheet adds a little moisture and releases a perfume to freshen the garment while it is being cleaned. Place this into your dryer on gentle cycle with low heat only. Let it go through its cycle. Remove the garment from the bag and place onto a hanger. If there are wrinkles, they should fall out as the garment drys naturally hanging.

What are the pros and cons of doing this at home? The biggest pro is the cost. It can be as low as 50 cents per garment.

There are so many more things to learn and read about Home Dry Cleaning, and we would like to refer you to the About Home website for this helpful information.

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