DIY Gunk Remover to Remove Sticky Adhesive Residue

Photo Credit: Rosy Blu Home

This DIY Gunk Remover to Remove Sticky Adhesive Residue is going to be a welcome addition to thousands of households! How often have you purchased an item, as simple as a coffee mug, brought it home and the sticker gunk won't wash off! It is so annoying isn't it. For anyone that loves to reuse glass jars, you can soak them and scrub away as vigorously as you want, and even if you get the paper off the gunk usually remains. It truly is amazing what they put in label glues that make them so aggressive. It also seems like this is a regular ongoing cleaning problem to deal with as we are always buying things with labels!

As the author of our featured article has stated that she used Goo Gone, I too have a bottle of Goo Gone and I do resort to it when necessary.The trouble with Goo Gone and Goo Off is that they have a lot of nasty hazardous ingredients in them. Their label warns you to keep away from children, that they are extremely flammable and that even inhaling them can cause some serious health issues.

We are so excited to share this article and information that Michelle has written about and experimented with. There are only two ingredients needed, and we are not going to give the secret away as we would like instead to redirect you to the article itself. You will find pictures Michelle has taken along with the recipe for your very own Non-Toxic Gunk Remover.

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