DIY Cleaner for Sparkling Granite Counters

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You will love this DIY cleaner for sparkling granite counters that you can make with simple ingredients you may already have. The most important thing to remember when it comes to cleaning your kitchen countertops is that with any surface whether it be granite, marble or stone surfaces you want to avoid anything acidic. This means staying away from citrus-based cleaners. The vinegar or citrus can cause what looks like etching on the countertops. The same goes for using Windex on your countertops as it will quickly strip the seal off of your granite/stone. So your options are to either buy expensive cleaners for granite care and maintenance or make the best cleaner for granite on your own. Using simple ingredients that are found in your kitchen cabinets are some of the best all natural and inexpensive cleaning tips and tricks you will find. It will surprise you how well these nontoxic ingredients work and you can feel safe using them around your family, and know they are safe for the environment.

Other ideas for cleaning countertops and kitchen surfaces is to clean surfaces by sprinkling some baking soda with some liquid Castile soap added in to get your countertops, sinks, and tubs shiny. For a fresh smell, you can add a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil. To make a nice smelling kitchen rinse, you can add some of the essential oils into some water and pour into a spray bottle and store away in a cool dark place. You can use this as a final rinse after cleaning kitchen surfaces.

For greasy dirt on kitchen surfaces and walls, you can wash surfaces with some washing soda in water. Use rubber gloves when you are using the washing soda solution as it can irritate the skin. For more stubborn grease you can make you own scouring powder by combining some baking soda with some washing soda and sprinkling on the grease as you would a scouring powder. You can also use white vinegar on a dishcloth to wipe away grease off of kitchen walls. Another trick for cleaning grease off of countertops is to use grease.

Using grease to clean grease is as easy as pouring some oil on the grease and wiping. Then put some soap on it and wipe up the remainder. You can also use some white vinegar, or sprinkle with borax and scrub with a scrubbing brush. You can also use white vinegar mixed with hot water to clean hardwood, linoleum, tiles and any washable surfaces in your home. You do however want to avoid using white vinegar on natural stone as it can damage the finish, you want to use something that is less acidic. Thank you to Sherri, Tracey and Debbie for sharing how to clean kitchen countertops for this DIY cleaner for sparkling granite on "This Grandma is Fun" site. This informative site has everything from activities for kids, crafts, games, toys, recipes, travel, holiday and so much more. **

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