Descaling and Cleaning Your Tea Kettle with a Natural Homemade Solution

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With all the other tasks of keeping a well-maintained kitchen, cleaning tea kettles are often an afterthought. The truth, however, is that similar to Keurig coffee brewers, tea kettles can build up limescale, which affects the flavor of the tea and looks unappealing. Limescale is a naturally occurring substance in water than can build up on sink taps, kettles and coffee makers. It is a mixture of minerals that seep out of the water. Luckily, A Tea Kettle website has easy cleaning tips for how to remove lime scale from tea kettles, whether they are an electric kettle or stove kettle. The site provides two cleaning methods, one including natural products and the other a store-bought product.

If you are a lover of natural kitchen cleaners, you will particularly appreciate A Tea Kettle’s first tea kettle cleaning solution. This method involves filling a kettle with water and an acidic liquid, like lemon juice or vinegar, and then allowing to sit for several minutes, before boiling. The combination of heat and acid help break down the lime scale so that when rinsed after the fact, everything should be removed. If the smell of vinegar is off-putting and you don’t want the taste to transfer into your tea, fresh lemon juice is an excellent option instead. The lemons will provide a clean scent to your kettle as well as add the high acid necessary to descaling your kettle. Vinegar is a cheap option, though, and the best way to eliminate the scent after cleaning would be to rinse with dish soap and water several times. The vinegar scent should fade and not seep into the next pot of tea you make. The vinegar or lemon juice are exceptional non toxic cleaners, especially since they are common kitchen ingredients.

The alternative method to cleaning limescale from a tea kettle would be to use a store-bought decalcifying agent. This can be more expensive than the vinegar method, but if you have a lot of lime scale build-up on your kettle, it may be necessary to use once. One of the best household cleaning tips A Tea Kettle website offers is on how to prevent lime scale buildup going forward. Although you wouldn’t consider doing this, the website recommends adding water into the kettle through the spout rather than the top. This would allow limescale to pour out of the spout before it builds too much. Another sound recommendation to prevent the challenges of cleaning a kettle in future is not to allow water to sit in it long term.

As far as kitchen cleaning tips go, A Tea Kettle website gives exceptional instructions for refreshing tea kettles and maintaining them over time. The not only shed light on the issue of scale build-up in kettles that are used every day, but they also provide a natural solution using a few kitchen ingredients. Thank you to A Tea Kettle website for sharing their cleaning instructions for descaling a tea kettle.

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