Deluxe 11x18ft Log Cabin - I love the screened in porch

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If you like the idea of a tiny house on wheels, but you're not too thrilled on the small size of some of them, these cabins might be a great option. They are on wheels, but they are larger than a typical tiny house design. Usually, tiny houses on wheels can only be 8.5 feet wide, 13.6 feet tall and up to 30 feet long to meet highway regulations. But with these cabins on trailers, they are much larger in size. The deluxe one room cabin is 11 feet by 18 feet for example which gives you a lot more space than a typical tiny house on wheels. These wood cabins from Lancaster Log Cabins are real rustic log cabins on wheels. This would be a great idea for anyone who wants to take their wood cabin with them on their travels or for those who would like some flexibility in the placement of their cabins. The company builds the log and wood cabins on special heavy-duty trailers that can withstand the weight of a cabin. They completely build them and then since they are turn-key the are ready to use. Since these wood cabins are classified as Park Model RVs, you get the best of both the tiny house world and the log cabin world, and they are one of the only companies in the world building these real park model log cabins. Many people use these as their vacation cabins, while others place them in their backyards to use as a rental unit or a guest house. Some even use their cabins as home offices or in-law suites. They also make great hunting and fishing cabins too.

They are also look much nicer and more charming than regular park model homes or cabins. Because they are crafted with real wood, they are also going to last a lot longer too. You can also finance them with an RV loan to make it easier on your budget, and so you can get in one right away. Since it's on a trailer, you won't pay property taxes, and you won't need a permit to build either. As you can see, this cute tiny house design has a 6-foot porch on the front of it too providing the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy nature. Or to set up a small barbeque on to cook up some food. Inside, the home is 198 square feet and can sleep up to four people. It also includes a full bathroom with a shower in it, so no more outhouses or outdoor showers while you're camping. You'll also have a kitchen area too so you don't have to sacrifice cooking real meals like you would at home. There's even a little breakfast bar where you can eat with your family and look out the window at the surrounding views. Bunk beds can be included in the home as well as a double bed. The price of this particular log cabin is $26,900 to start, and then other things can be added on.

Lancaster Log Cabins also sells larger versions of this type of tiny house design and some even include screened in porches which is great for places that experience a lot of bugs in the summertime. The inside is all done in wood too which gives it a nice, classic wood cabin charm. Check out all of their wood cabins and the different floor plans they offer. They also sell other wood cabins that are built onto foundations instead of trailers for a more permanent solution too. Have a look through the designs and see which ones stand out to you.***

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