Cute and easy idea for a FLOWER center piece that doesn't require water

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This is a fun DIY project that you can do with the kids. Imagine having colorful flowers all year long, with this pine cone DIY idea you can do just that. These pine cones are made into zinnia flowers, and it doesn't take a lot to make this easy DIY idea. The zinnia flowers are made with the pine cone bottoms. You could use craft cutters to help remove some of the pine cone petals, and that will reveal a stem, as you can see from the photos. Once the flowers are complete you can arrange them in a bowl; you can also paint the pine cone bottoms for this diy idea white first and then let them dry before applying the brighter flower colors. Then the next step for this project to do is to add the colors of your choice; you can layer different colors and layer shades to give depth. This diy idea doesn't take a lot of time. For this fun DIY project you will need standard acrylic craft paint in the colors of your choice, and a medium to large paint brush. This diy idea makes for great gifts for any occasion, centerpieces to wreaths and more. You can also sparkle the pine cones up if you want too, the options are endless. This fun DIY project sits perfectly in a bowl, and add some color to your home. Next time when you go for a walk keep your eyes open to collect some pinecones, then you can give this fun DIY project a go. You'll want to take a look at A Fanciful Twist site for the full diy idea and project to do.

This fun DIY project is just one of the diy ideas you can make using pine cones. The best part about using pinecones for your DIY ideas and projects to do is that they won't cost you a lot of money if you can find the pinecones on your walks. You'll never look at pinecones the same again once you know some of the fun DIY projects these simple items from nature can make. One of the most popular ways to use pinecones for your projects to do is in a pinecone sphere. Pinecone Spheres look especially good during the holidays but can be used throughout the year to help bring some natural decorating into your house. For this DIY idea, you will need various sized foam spheres, various sizes of pine cones, both dry and open; you can use both red pine cones and small hemlock pinecones, twine, a stapler and a hot glue gun with glue.

Collect the pinecones for your fun DIY projects of different sizes and set them out to dry. If you don't have any pinecones in the location that you live, you can also buy pinecones at your local craft store. If you plan to hang pinecone spheres, then staple a loop of twine onto the sphere foam before you begin. Use a hot glue gun to help glue the base of each pinecone to the sphere, starting with the largest pinecones and then adding in the smaller pinecones to fill in the gaps. You can also use this technique with a wreath base, filling in the wreath with pinecones until you can't see any more of the base. These are just a few of the diy ideas and projects to do that you can use pinecones for, there are plenty of other DIY ideas you can use pinecones that won't cost you a lot of money to make.

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