Cruncky Breaded Baked Chicken Breast

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This crunchy breaded baked chicken breast recipe will quickly become a family favourite. This chicken recipe combines chicken breast with a flavourful coating involving shredded cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers. This dish comes from Jamie, the author of the Jamie Cooks It Up recipe blog and is something she makes for her family all the time. Not only does the crust add tons of flavour to this chicken breast recipe, but it also helps seal the chicken juices into the meat, and chicken breast can become dry easily. Once cooked, this chicken gets doused in a creamy soup for a protein that is perfect alongside steamed broccoli or asparagus.

For those familiar with breaded chicken breast recipes or just the process of breading food, there is a special order you should bread the product in. Firstly, you usually coat the protein in flour, followed by egg wash, followed by the crumbs. In the case of this baked chicken breast, the chicken is coated in milk, followed by shredded cheese and then breadcrumbs. Although this isn’t traditional, the cheese really helps the coating to stick and adds a gooey undertone to the chicken. To make breading nice and neat, Jamie divides her ingredients between three loaf tins, although you can use pie plates or bowls as well. From there, you can keep one hand free for dipping the chicken into the milk, and then use the other hand for dipping into the dry ingredients. That way you won’t get sticky, crumbed hands while breading this baked chicken recipe. Jamie uses cheddar cheese in her version of this dish, but you can use whatever cheese you enjoy the best or have on hand, as long as it melts very well. Mozzarella would work fine for the melting factor, but if you want a stronger tasting cheese, gruyere, gouda or Beemster are excellent choices. Ultimately, the secret to the best tasting meals are the ones you adapt to your own particular tastes.

Most baked chicken breast recipes result in very dry chicken, which isn’t particularly enjoyable to eat. This is because chicken breast doesn’t have a significant fat content and also cooks relatively quickly. By adding cheese and crumbs to the outside of this chicken, Jamie ensures the chicken will come out of the oven juicy, moist and tender instead of dried out. Of course, if you prefer dark meat, bone-in or boneless skinless chicken thighs will work just as well in this crunchy chicken recipe. The chicken thighs will be able to hold up longer to the heat of the oven without drying out and are often cheaper than chicken breast.

The next time you are looking for easy chicken breast recipes to feed your family, remember this crunchy breaded chicken breast recipe with its golden, cheesy coating. If you have ever had difficulty getting your children to eat, they will adore this chicken with the salty coating of crackers and cheese. If you prefer to make it a little healthier, though, you can always coat the chicken with regular unseasoned breadcrumbs and add your favourites herbs and seasonings, which will help reduce the overall sodium content in the dish. The sauce is very creamy and comes together easily with just three ingredients. If you don’t have cream of chicken soup on hand, though, you can use whatever cream soup you have or make the equivalent amount of white sauce as a replacement. Thank you to Jamie, the author of the Jamie Cooks It Up recipe blog, for sharing her crunchy breaded baked chicken breast recipe with us.

Nutrition: Crispy Breaded Baked Chicken Breast from Jamie Cooks It Up
Ingredients: Chicken breasts, Ritz crackers, salt, pepper, milk, cheddar cheese, parsley, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, butter.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 7 servings *Note: Ritz crackers are very high in calories.*Per Serving:Calories 1801, Calories from Fat 827,Total Fat 91.9g 141%, Saturated Fat 30.7g 153%, Cholesterol 152mg 51%, Sodium 3125mg 130%, Potassium 639mg 18%, Carbohydrates 172.0g 57%, Dietary Fiber 6.7g 27%, Sugars 23.0g, Protein 62.0g. Vitamin A 15%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 73%, Iron 61%

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