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When we think of cabins, we tend to think about the quintessential cabin in the woods, detached from modern-day life and immersed in nature. These cabins provide people with a refuge from the hectic buzz of modern day life, and a chance to reconnect with themselves, nature and their loved ones. These days, however, it's easy for a secluded cabin to turn into a modern-style home away from home, connected to wifi with television and all of the other amenities of a city home. This can be beneficial, but it can also take away from the relaxation that disconnection from the modern world can bring us. The luxuriating of wood cabins out in nature also makes this type of vacation housing very expensive, almost like having a complete second home just like the one that's in the city. Pat and Céline Shank of Evergreen Concepts in Perth, Ontario Canada saw this in their many years of building wood cabins, and they wanted to give people an affordable option. They created wood cabin kits for sale for those with limited budgets who just wanted a simple cabin in the woods to use as a means to connect with nature.

Most of these affordable small wood cabins were also to be off the grid as well. This makes them even more peaceful as well as more environmentally sustainable too. Evergreen Concepts implements alternative and renewable energy systems along with their environmentally sustainable designs to create some comfortable and eco-friendly cabins. The great thing is, there are so many options when it comes to creating affordable housing with an environmentally conscious approach. This means leaving the things that aren't necessary behind and focusing on the essentials. One of the first things to focus on would be the sanitation in a cabin. This could be a bathroom with a composting toilet, or an outhouse for a more affordable option. Some cabins just have basic plumbing for running water, with propane water heaters, while some cabins just run cold water that can be heated on the stove. Depending on your needs, you can design your wood cabin to be as off-grid or equipped as needed. This may also be able to be done with housing depending on where you live, but most full-time residences require septic, water and electricity to be installed so that they are up to code.

The cabin featured here is their Northern Oriole wood cabin, one of the many cabin kits for sale through their website. The Northern Oriole is a total of 768 square feet with a 253 square foot storage loft that could also be used as an extra sleeping space. You can even see one of these wood cabins being assembled so you can get an idea of how high quality these buildings are. This design has a nice, spacious layout with a long porch that extends the living space outdoors. The shutters add a country style charm to the cabin, and they also provide some extra security to lock up your cabin when you're not there. This cabin starts at $36,981 for the basic model and goes up to $46,597 depending on the finishes and fixtures chosen by the client. They have a number of other cabin kits for sale with many designs to choose from including the Whip-Poor-Will which is 480 square feet with a 196 square foot loft starting at $23,000. Or the Whip-Poor-Will II which is larger at 820 square feet including the loft space. This larger model starts at around $40,000. The Nighthawk is their largest wood cabin at 2215 square feet and starts at around $100,000 for the basic model. Have a look at all of their different cabin kits for sale and see which one is your favourite.***

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