Could This Be the Grandmother's Cottage That You Have Been Looking For?

Photo Credit: Minim Micro Homes

This tiny cottage is designed by Minim Micro Homes and could be the perfect choice for your dream grandmother’s cottage. It is an easy model to transport to your desired location if desired. Minim Micro Homes will even sell you the trailer to help you take your mini house wherever you want it to go if you would like to travel with it rather than placing it on a permanent location. The one stipulation before building the home in a set location is to have a foundation prepared on the property. This building would be perfect to use as an in-law apartment on your property, a vacation home, or to take with you if you want to live off the grid. It has everything you would ever need for everyday living.

Minim Micro Homes sells house building plans and materials to make your tiny home a reality. If you were to purchase this tiny home design, it would come with the construction guidelines, detailed photos, as well as the design plans. Once you obtain your tiny house design plans, you can order a trailer, which you will need to transport your mini house, as well as the SIP panels. SIP’s stand for structural insulated panels, which frame the home a provide insulation while being efficient to build with. You could build this cottage in a couple of weeks.

If you have been eyeing off grid houses for awhile, this cottage plan could be for you. You can customize your plan to include off-the-grid fixtures like solar panels, water filtration system, and appliances. The solar panels will help you get electricity off grid, in an environmentally safe way. Off the grid water systems are excellent since you will require access to clean water wherever you go. This is such a great plan for those who want to get away from everyday living and simply live in nature. Without these additions, your tiny home might cost around $30,000 to build, and that includes the trailer, windows, refrigerator, stove, air conditioning, SIPs, water heater and shower enclosure. The best thing about this tiny cottage is that it is customizable. If you would like more closet space, fewer windows, a larger bathroom, or a different model of toilet, Minim Micro Homes gives that option of doing whatever you like.

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