Cleaning mildew with vinegar review Does it work?

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Have you ever wondered how to clean mould with natural cleaners? You're in luck because these cleaning tips from Green Idea Reviews will teach you the ins and outs of cleaning mould with white vinegar. Mould is a fairly common household occurrence, especially in particularly humid environments. It favours moist areas that have little to no light, and that stay pretty warm. So your bathroom, basement or attic are all great places for the mould to feel right at home. To keep mould out of your home, you have to keep it the opposite of what it likes. So mould likes moist areas and to counterbalance that you're going to keep your home nice and dry. You can do this by having a dehumidifier in your home which you can find at any home supply store. Finding one that also has a good air filter on it would be a bonus so that it could filter out any spores from the mould. Since mould can be harmful to our health, it's important to deal with it right away so that it doesn't get worse and so that we're not subjected to it for too long. Usually, people will use chemical cleaners like bleach which will kill the mould, but it doesn't remove it completely. You have to do the work to remove the mould spores though otherwise, they will keep growing back and continue to spread out.

Unlike bleach and harsh chemicals vinegar doesn't have harmful toxins, so it's very safe for humans and pets as well as the environment. Vinegar is also very affordable as well; you can buy a large bottle for next to nothing at the grocery store and sometimes you can even find it at the dollar store for cheaper. Vinegar is also the perfect natural anti-mould and anti-bacterial cleaner making it perfect for killing mould and keeping it away. The only down side to vinegar is that it smells very strong. But don't worry, the scent will evaporate rather quickly. So if you've found some mould in your home, try some vinegar instead of bleaches or harsh chemicals. Just take some plain white vinegar and put some in a spray bottle. Then, take it and spray it right onto the mouldy area. Let the vinegar sit on the mould for a while, about 20 minutes or so should do the trick.

Then take a scrubbing brush and scrub the mould away. Make sure that you then disinfect the brush or throw it away after you're done just to prevent the spread of the mould spores. You can also wipe away any excess mould with a cloth and throw it away after you're done and then apply more vinegar to the area so that the mould doesn't stand a chance coming back. You can also keep some vinegar in your shower to spray the area where there was mould after you have a shower, so it doesn't return. Cleaning your shower area regularly will also help to keep the mould at bay as well. Other natural cleaners that kill mould are baking soda which can reduce moisture as well. Borax is also a great natural anti-fungal treatment that's perfect for targeting mould while leaving the area fresh and clean. Rubbing alcohol is a powerful disinfectant and so is hydrogen peroxide. Tea tree essential oil also works really well when it's diluted with some water and grapeseed extract is also extremely effective. So try out the vinegar first and see how it works, then try some of the other natural cleaners and see which ones get the job done best.***

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