Clean your gross window tracks in one step

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Cleaning the windows in your home is a big job. You have to clean the blinds, then the glass on the inside and outside. Plus you don't want to forget the window sills. The window sills of our windows and sliding doors can accumulate a bunch of dust, dirt and even dead bugs. Sometimes if the humidity in our homes is high, they can even collect mold which isn't healthy. The best time to clean your windows and window tracks and sills is at least once per year, usually in the springtime or before winter. You can start out the process by cleaning your windows on the inside, and even though it seems like a difficult job, with some great cleaning tips and simple life hacks you'll have clean windows and window tracks in no time. All you need is a bucket, some dish soap, a squeegee, cloths, Q-tips, white vinegar, and paper towels. You can even remove your blinds from your window so you can get to them easier and then you can clean them at the same time. You can make a bath for your blinds in your bathtub by filling it halfway full with warm water and then adding some vinegar and dish soap to the water. Let them soak and then rinse them off with your shower attachment or a bucket.

To start cleaning your windows follow these cleaning tips from Anna at Ask Anna Moseley. Just get your bucket filled with warm soapy water and take a cloth and wipe down the entire window with it. Then, use your squeegee to swipe the soapy water away. Wipe the window sill each time too. Once you've squeegeed your window, there may still be streaks, so if there are, you can just take a clean, dry cloth and polish the window really well with the cloth until no streaks are left. To clean the window sill which will probably be pretty dirty now even if it wasn't before, just take your Q-tips and the vinegar and dip them in the vinegar before using them to clean the crevices of your window tracks. You can also vacuum out the window tracks before you start to clean your windows to pull out any of the dust and dirt which will make them easier to clean. One of the great simple life hacks you can try is to use an empty paper towel tube as an attachment on the end of your vacuum to get into the smaller spaces in your window tracks. This will make cleaning all of the dust out easier, and it won't turn to mud when you add the vinegar.

You can also put some cleaning solution in a spray bottle to spray down the entire inside of the window track and then soak up the dirt and cleaning solution with some paper towels. Another one of the great simple life hacks you can use is to use a paint brush to get into the tight spaces in your window tracks too. Just run the paintbrush on the inside of the tracks to loosen up the dirt that's stuck in the cracks. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub them up really well too. Don't forget to do your sliding door tracks as well since they tend to collect even more dust and grime that your window tracks do. Try out these simple cleaning tips and other simple life hacks from Anna's website and see how they work for you. If you find that they work for you, then share them with others so they can benefit from them as well.***

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