Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them

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Cleaning your windows is a big job all in itself, but then you also have to clean the window screens as well. Many people don't think that it's possible to clean window screens without removing them from the window completely. It turns out that there are some simple life hacks and cleaning tips you can use to clean your window screens without moving them at all. While our screens help keep dirt and critters out of our homes, they can also accumulate a lot of dust over time which can block fresh air from getting into your home. It can even obstruct your view as well, and if you don't clean them often enough, it could even ruin them, and you may have to replace all of your window screens. There is actually a tool that will make this cleaning job a lot easier. The clever Screen Cleaning Tool is perfect for this job, and it was made especially to clean your screens. It looks like a paint roller, but instead of the paint roller applicator, there is a microfibre roller that will scrub your screens effectively without the need to remove them. There is the handheld roller as well as an extension pole for windows that are higher up out of your reach. Since it's made out of microfibre, it is a magnet for dust and dirt. There's also another coarse material that attracts even more dust and dirt. You simply roll the roller over the screen, and it will get in between the screen grid.

You can use it without any cleaner for screens that need a light cleaning. Or, if your screens are really dirty, you can use some water and dish soap to clean them really well. You can pour some water and dish soap into a large bucket and then dip the roller in and squeeze out the excess water. You can use it from the inside of your window or the outside depending on what is easier for you. All you do is roll it all over the screen making sure to get every inch of it and pull all of the dirt off of it. You can rinse out your roller as often as needed and replace your water if it gets too dirty. The great thing about this tool is you can also use it to clean your window frames too. Just roll it all over the frames too. If your windows are too high up, you can buy the extension pole to reach them safely from the ground instead of having to get up on a ladder. Remember that cleaning your screens regularly will help to keep them cleaner, so the job isn't quite as intense the next time around. A good idea is to clean your windows and your window screens every spring or fall. You can also clean your blinds at this time too.

There are also some great cleaning tips and simple life hacks for cleaning your windows and blinds that will help to make it all go very smoothly. Washing your windows outside is easily done with some window cleaner and your hose, but on the inside, you will need to do it all by hand. You can use half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle as a great natural window cleaner. Just spray your windows lightly with the spray and then start to wash them with a cloth. Once they are scrubbed up, you can then take a clean, dry cloth and polish out any smudges and smears. Try out these simple life hacks to get clean screens and windows.***

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