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You’ve probably seen a lot of the cool wood pallet ideas and things to make out of wooden pallets. Pallet recycling started to become very popular several years ago, and now everyone is wanting to get their hands on some used pallets. Typically, wooden pallets are used to ship cargo safely and compactly. They stack really well and can carry a lot of weight on them, so they are perfect for carrying a lot of different items. Usually, they will be used over and over again until they are left to be recycled, and that’s when people can take them home and make wooden pallet projects out of them. The usual pallet size is around 40 inches by 48 inches and they can either be used as is or taken apart for the wood. There are so many great diy pallet projects you can make including a diy pallet furniture like a pallet sofa or a pallet swing. You can also make pallet headboards and coffee tables out of pallets too. Adding some wheels to the bottoms of the pallets will also make them more portable and easier to maneuver around your house. Besides diy pallet furniture, people are also making sheds and even tiny houses out of used pallets. There are videos on YouTube showing you different tiny houses made out of used pallets and some of them are pretty cute.

Mostly people use these diy pallet homes as backyard retreats or guest houses. There are tiny house designs that also incorporate the pallet wood into their designs using the wood as flooring or wall cover and even exterior siding. Pallet recycling is a wonderful way to get some free wood and to recycle materials, so you’re not using brand new resources. If you want to know where to get pallets, you can check in the landfills, big box stores and in buy and sell groups in your community. Apparently, up to 200 million pallets go into a landfill every year, so instead of wasting them there are so many things to make out of wooden pallets. There is now even a festival for pallet recycling that started in Denver in 2014. There you could get plenty of ideas for building with pallets. They have an outdoor sculpture park, a maze, and a garden show. The festival also features workshops on how to make stuff to make out of wood pallets.

If you can’t make it to the pallet festival to check out all of the diy pallet projects, you can easily find pallet projects online or in books. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for diy pallet furniture and other things to make out of pallet wood. There is also another website called that has a bunch of really great diy wood pallet ideas. There are even great instructional videos from YouTube where you can learn how to make various pallet projects with video tutorials and step by step instructions. There are also people who are experienced in building with used pallets that can tell you the best way to take them apart and prepare them for the diy wood pallet ideas. Usually, it’s best to clean your pallets really well before you use them in any project and you should also make sure that they aren’t treated with any chemicals either. You can sand them with a hand sander and then stain them or paint them to bring the wood back to life, or you can leave them as is for a really rustic look. Some of the easiest wood pallet projects don’t even involve taking them apart so you can just nail or screw whole pallets together and come up with something really cool.***

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