Can you see yourself in this cozy Lake Cabin for the cost ?

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Envision a warm, crackling fire, the soft glow of the flames dancing on the wooden walls of a wood cabin, the comforts of small log cabins. This Lake cabin is $51,348 from Green Garden Chicken, an online log cabin, and chicken coop distributor in the United States. All of these wood cabins are built in the US by Amish cabin builders. The company has several different log cabin designs to choose from in various styles and sizes. This Lake cabin is 14 feet by 36 feet in size and is one of the larger log cabin designs in their collection. When choosing log cabin designs you want to be sure that the size will suit your needs, and if you're on a budget, you'll want to consider how much space you actually need. Many people make the mistake of going with a design that is beyond their budget and they have a hard time keeping up with all of the expenses that building a house can bring. Building small log cabins will keep costs low so a customer can stay within their budget. If a log cabin is just being built to use as a recreational property, then building it smaller will totally work. Usually, when people go to their lake houses, they spend the majority of their time outside anyhow, and the cabin is used for sleeping and eating. So it definitely doesn't need to be as large as a full-time home.

The Lake cabin is built and ready to move into for the price of $51,348 the only additional costs could be hooking up the plumbing and electric, as well as buying furniture and accessories. This design comes with two lofts which are great to use as extra sleeping spaces or space to store sports equipment or other items. The simple design is very in line with traditional log houses and keeps the costs down as well. Building small log cabins also takes less time than building the larger more intricately designed wood cabins and homes. And all of the wood cabins from Green Garden Chicken are built in their warehouse so they can work on the cabin rain or shine to get it to the customer in a reasonable period. Building outside means that you will have to contend with the weather which can sometimes be too wet, windy or cold to build in.

Having your log cabin designs built for you is a great option overall. If you are not a hands-on person or don't have time to build your own home, having the professionals work on it for you is the best idea. Home building can be stressful enough without the added responsibility of having to build the whole house yourself. If you are a hands-on person, you can definitely try your hand at building your own log cabin or home with a log home building kit. The kits are available from many different distributors in North America and even in Europe and Asia, but it's always nice to buy local when you can to support the local economy and save on carbon emissions from transportation and shipping. Log home building kits are usually designed to be pretty easy to build yourself even if you haven't ever tried building a house before.

If you're interested in off grid living, Green Garden Chicken also sells barns, sheds, and chicken coops, hence their company name. The company also features education on caring for your own chickens on their website and other items for the chicken coops. A great source for homesteading and cabin living buildings and items.***

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