Can you picture yourself in this Cozy Quiet Log Cabin . . Wait until you see the inside!

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Can you picture yourself in this quiet, cozy log cabin? It's easy to drift off in a daydream of staying in this lovely vacation cabin. Wood cabins tend to have that relaxing affect on people, and there are plenty of different log cabin designs to try out when you go on vacation. Small log cabins provide the perfect environment to relax and connect with yourself and nature. Surrounded by the forest and all of the plant and animal life, it's easy to relax and drift away into a world of silence and solitude. Unplugging from the busy world to have a chance to rest your mind and reset. This Heart to Heart cabin from Cabins USA is the perfect place to venture off to for a weekend or more with your loved one. The cabin has one bedroom and also has a very romantic ambiance with all of the hearts carved into the decking boards. This would be a lovely rental for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or a Honeymoon. The king sized bed and red, heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub set the stage for romance, and the fireplaces in both the living room and bedroom will be sure to keep you nice and cozy. Also available on the deck is the hot tub which is all yours to enjoy when you book this cabin. For some added fun, there's also an arcade game with Pacman, Ms. Pacman, and Galaga on it.

Luxury wood cabins like this make the best vacation spots. Instead of staying in a hotel, you have your very own private space to enjoy and return to whenever you like. This and other small log cabins for rent are available in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where guests can enjoy year round outdoor activities. Or if you really need a chance to just get away from it all, spend the entire time in your cabin. There's a full kitchen and also, a barbecue out on the patio too. Grill up a fresh fish from the fishing pond steps away from the cabin and enjoy a dip in the cool waters on a hot summer day. The company has many different small log cabins for rent, and there are lots of great log cabin designs to choose from in different areas of Tennessee which gives you amble opportunity to explore the state, and it's many attractions. A trip to Dollywood is always a fun idea or some skiing in the winter time.

Small log cabins like this one would also make for a nice smaller sized home. A couple or a single person would fit quite comfortably in a cabin this size. One thing to consider when building a log house or a log cabin is the smaller it is, the easier it is to stay within your budget. You'll need fewer materials and it takes less time to build as well. Small log cabins also mean using less energy to heat and light it which is not only good for the environment but also for keeping that monthly utility bill low. Log homes tend to be very efficient in general because of their ability to maintain a good temperature.

Logs have their own built-in insulative properties which help to keep the residual heat inside the home. They have what's known as a high thermal mass or a high Rvalue rating. Plus, natural materials are the way to go when it comes to doing what's best for the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Staying a few nights in this log cabin may just inspire you to build your own log cabin or house.***

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