Can you picture yourself in these Colorful Tiny Dome Homes for under 4K?

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

Did you know these colorful Binishell dome homes made from inflatable concrete cost just $3,500! That makes the Binishell dome home practically affordable enough to put in the backyard for your kids to play in. Still, they are an incredible structure, and the first one that was built, in 1964, is still standing today. That makes these tiny home designs an appealing structure to consider for your home when you think about the cost to build a home today. These tiny house designs were designed by architect Nicolo Bini using a technique that is similar to covering a balloon with papier-mâché to build his concrete Binishell domed tiny home designs. He starts with a two-dimensional shape on the ground, then adds wooden form around an air bladder and then reinforces with steel rebar, and then places a load of concrete that sets and slowly rises from the ground.

The materials to build the tiny house designs include concrete reinforced with rebar. These tiny house design materials are widely available so making the tiny home in most locations is likely a good plan. The way the tiny house designs are built is also unique. A base is created with a kind of balloon material in it. As the concrete is added to the structure the balloon material, filled with air, holds the concrete in place. As more and more concrete is added, the balloon continues to fill until the tiny house designs are completely in place and completed, and the balloon is inside the concrete structure. Once the concrete is dry, the balloon can be deflated and removed.

What is left is an astonishingly strong and uniquely domed tiny house design with a unique tiny house interior design. Windows, doors, and other entryways are shaped in unique and fabulous ways. The tiny house designs can be as large as 120 feet across. It is estimated that more than 1600 of these kinds of these tiny home designs exist right around the world. Costs vary according to their size and location, of course, but a small tiny home design starts at around $3,500. These tiny home designs might not be for everyone since they are small and low to the ground, and only a single story. Still, they are fascinating to look at, and the photos show the basic construction process. That is interesting to see on the website too.

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